SCORPIONS – Crazy World

Scorpions – Crazy World (1990, Mercury Records)

1. “Tease Me, Please Me” … 4:44
2. “Don’t Believe Her” … 4:55
3. “To Be With You in Heaven” … 4:48
4. “Wind of Change” … 5:10
5. “Restless Nights” … 5:44
6. “Lust or Love” … 4:22
7. “Kicks After Six” … 3:49
8. “Hit Between the Eyes” … 4:33
9. “Money and Fame” … 5:06
10. “Crazy World” … 5:08
10. “Send Me an Angel” … 4:34

Klaus Meine – Lead Vocals
Rudolf Schenker – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Matthias Jabs – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Herman Rarebell – Drums
Francis Buchholz – Bass

Additional Musicians:
Jim Vallance – Keyboards
Koen VanBaal – Keyboards

Producer: Keith Olsen & Scorpions

One of the band’s best moments in my opinion is this album which spawned the massive international hit power ballad “Wind of Change”. 1988’s Savage Amusement was slightly disappointing, but Scorpions fired back in 1990 with one of their most infectious albums (it is also their second best-selling release). I can get into every song and sing along each time I play this one.

Scorpions were still in a very polished hard rock mode, but so what? Except for their earliest oddball releases, they’ve always been a commercial hard rock band. Nothing is quite as heavy as “No One Like You” or “Rock You Like A Hurricane” but “Don’t Believe Her” and “Crazy World” come close. The band has always done great ballads as well and the case is no different here — “Wind of Change” is of course an all-time classic and I’ve always been a huge fan of “Send Me an Angel” which is an even more commercial take on the haunting ballads Scorpions are known for.

All told, this is one of my favorite Scorpions albums and definitely light years better than anything else they released in the ’90s.

Highlights: “Tease Me, Please Me”, “Don’t Believe Her”, “To Be With You in Heaven”, “Wind of Change”, “Restless”, “Lust or Love”, “Crazy World”, “Send Me An Angel”

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  1. I like this album very much too. Great review. I am reading all your old reviews. You have done a great job. Are you on RATE YOUR MUSIC too????

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