CLASSIC ROCK – Guitarmageddon Vol. 2

Classic Rock – Guitarmageddon Vol. 2 (September 2009, Future Publishing)

1. “Fight! Smash! Win!” – Street Sweeper Social Club
2. “White Room” – Jeff Healey
3. “A Rite of Passage” – Dream Theater
4. ” Missing You” – Oli Brown Band
5. ” Baby Better Lady” – Swanee River
6. ” Still Unbroken” – Lynyrd Skynyrd
7. “Striding the Valleys of Skullumus” – Sons of Merrick
8.  “Going Home” – Joanne Shaw Taylor
9.  “Head Crusher” – Megadeth
10. “Powerful Thing” – Philip Sayce
11. “The Last Door” – Jack Bruce & Robin Trower
12. “We’re All Insane (By the End of Tonight)” – Hippys on the Hill
13. “The Last Journey Home” – DragonForce
14. “Unspoken” – Symphony Cult
15. “Mr. Toomey” – Bitches Sin

Another solid freebie compilation from Classic Rock magazine with quite a range of genres from rap-rock to ’60s rock to blues to bar bands to southern rock to thrash metal. So we’re definitely not dealing with “15 tracks of fret melting ferocity”, but there are still a few winners here. Obviously, people are familiar with Dream Theater, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Megadeth, but a few of these other bands sound like they’re worth checking out like Street Sweeper Social Club and Sons of Merrick.

Highlights: “Fight! Smash! Win!”, “A Rite of Passage”, “Baby Better Lady”, “Still Unbroken”, “”Striding the Valleys of Skullmus”, “Head Crusher”, “The Last Journey Home”, “Mr. Toomey”

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