DEF LEPPARD – Yeah! Bonus CD with Backstage Interviews

Def Leppard – Yeah! Bonus CD with Backstage Interviews [Walmart Exclusive] (2006, Mercury Records/Island Records]

1. “American Girl” – Tom Petty … 3:34
2. Backstage Interview #1 … 3:12
3. “Search & Destroy” – The Stooges … 3:27
4. Backstage Interview #2 … 2:01
5. “Space Oddity” – David Bowie … 5:28
6. Backstage Interview #3 … 2:43
7. “Dear Friends” – Queen … 1:28
8. “Heartbeat” – Jobriath … 2:45

Joe Elliott – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Percussion (“American Girl”, “Space Oddity”, “Heartbeat”)
Phil Collen – Guitar, Lead Vocals, Bass, Drums (“Search & Destroy”)
Vivian Campbell – Guitar, Backing Vocals (“American Girl”)
Rick Savage – Bass, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Drums (“Dear Friends”)
Rick Allen – Drums (???)

Additional Musicians:
Marc Danzeisen – Drums (“American Girl”)
Jesse Sheely – Backing Vocals (“American Girl”)

Producer: ?

I considered updating the entry of Yeah!, just tacking this on at the end, but the more I thought about it the more I thought Walmart’s exclusive bonus CD to Yeah! deserved its own entry. Despite being called a “bonus”, it was sold separately for $6 and was released the same time as Yeah! and it is basically an EP that features 5 additional cover songs plus a three-part interview regarding the album and the band’s recent tours. I didn’t realize this bonus CD even existed until after buying the main album at Target, but a few months back, copies of this CD appeared at Walmart for only $3 (What, did they come across a forgotten box of this CD in their stockroom?) and I couldn’t pass it up.

For some weird reason, none of the songs here were recorded by the whole band. Joe Elliott and Vivian Campbell collaborated on “American Girl” but as for the rest, only one Def Leppard member appears. Kind of odd. Information as to who played what seems to be limited.

For what they are though, the songs are enjoyable. “American Girl” is fairly faithful, but I’m sick of everyone covering this song. I’ve never heard of Jobriath, but Joe Elliott’s cover of their song “Heartbeat” is my favorite song here.

Nothing essential here really and the interview is fairly standard stuff giving the album some back story, but since I’m a big fan of Yeah!, this was well worth the $3.

Highlights: “American Girl”, “Space Oddity”, “Heartbeat”


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  1. Jobriath was a very muched hyped pop star in the late 1970’s, sort of disco meets David Bowie sound. After all the hype Jobriath album was a huge commerical failure and Jobriath slipped into obsurity, eventually dying of A.I.D.S. sometime in the mid 80’s

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