Black Sabbath – Forbidden (1995, IRS Records)

1. “The Illusion of Power” … 4:54
2. “Get a Grip” … 3:59
3. “Can’t Get Close Enough” … 4:28
4. “Shaking off the Chains” … 4:04
5. “I Won’t Cry for You” … 4:48
6. “Guilty as Hell” … 3:28
7. “Sick and Tired” … 3:31
8. “Rusty Angels” … 5:00
9. “Forbidden” … 3:49
10. “Kiss of Death” … 6:09

Tony Martin – Vocals
Tony Iommi – Guitar
Neil Murray – Bass
Cozy Powell – Drums
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards

Additional Musicians:
Ice T – Vocals

Producer: Ernie C

Forget what you’ve heard — this is NOT a bad album! Listen to this album with an open mind like I did when I first heard it — chances are, if you’re a fan of Tony Martin Black Sabbath, you’ll enjoy this album. It isn’t best from that period, but I like it. I’m not sure where I would rank it though with the other Martin albums. Quite possibly, I would put it on level, or maybe even above Tyr (Headless Cross, The Eternal Idol and Cross Purposes being my top three).

People like to focus on Ice T and Ernie C being involved with this album, it’s an odd choice, sure, but it’s not quite as serious as some people like to make it out to be. Ice T shows up on “The Illusion of Power”, during the middle of the song, says a few words, then leaves. THAT’S IT. There is not a drop of rap-metal or rap-rock here at all. Ice T doesn’t even rap, he’s really just talking.

To this day, the album continues to be blasted, right down to the cover art (which I think is kinda cool). Give me a break! The album continues to see Martin in fine form and Iommi is busting out some great riffs.

As for Ernie C, I’m not sure why Iommi chose him. He and Ice T were in the rock band Body Count together at the time, but I think Ernie was already signed up as producer before Ice T came along.

This was one of the other Black Sabbath CDs I had ordered used from an seller and it never arrived even though the seller said they sent it. Thankfully, my metal brothers are looking out for me as a message board buddy was able to snag me a used copy from his local music store (thanks Shiney!!).

This album quickly followed 1994’s Cross Purposes as a way for Iommi to finally be free of his deal with IRS Records. According to whichever source you listen to, Iommi also had his eye on reforming the original Sabbath group long before the completion of this album as well. Only time will tell if this will be the last Black Sabbath album… Given that history is so prone to repeating itself, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of falling out with Dio and then Iommi turning to Martin once more!

Highlights: “The Illusion of Power”, “Get a Grip”, “I Won’t Cry for You”, “Sick and Tired”, “Forbidden”, “Kiss of Death”

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