VAINS OF JENNA – The Art of Telling Lies

Vains of Jenna – The Art of Telling Lies (2009, RLS Records/Raw Noise Records)

1. “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead” … 3:38
2. “Mind Pollution” … 3:23
3. “Refugee” … 3:33
4. “I Belong To Yesterday” … 4:19
5. “Paper Heart” … 6:17
6. “Get It On” … 3:06
7. “Enemy In Me” … 4:02
8. “Better Off Alone” … 5:30
9. “I Don’t Care” … 4:10
10. “The Art of Telling Lies” … 5:58

Lizzy DeVine – Vocals, Guitar
Nicki Kin – Lead Guitar
JP White – Bass
Jacki Stone – Drums

Producer: Brent Woods

One of Sweden’s best sleaze acts is back and with this album, I think they may have proven they are the kings of sleaze! This album was top priority for me once I discovered the band was readying a new release and as luck would have it, the album found its way to me all due to none other than Stevie Rachelle (Metal Sludge CEO/front man for Tuff), who is now managing the band (thanks again Stevie!) .

Lit Up/Let Down was one of the 2006’s best surprises and The Art of Telling Lies is shaping up to be one of 2009’s best releases. I’m liking it more and more with each spin. The band is still firmly in the sleaze category, but the hooks and melodies are even better this time around.

The album isn’t as raw or as brash as their debut, but the songwriting has really improved with songs like “Paper Heart”, “Enemy In Me” and “The Art of Telling Lies”. The songs are allowed to breathe and it is a definite improvement over their very good debut. Also, there’s a great cover of Tom Petty’s “Refugee”. It caught me off guard at first to hear VoJ covering Tom Petty, but it works really well.

The band opened for Poison and Ratt in 2007 and with a couple of more solid touring gigs like that, they could really start to break. They definitely deserve it, so if you’re not familiar with the band, GET familiar with the band and support one of rock ‘n’ roll’s best kept secrets!

Highlights: “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead”, “Mind Pollution”, “Refugee”, “Paper Heart”, “Enemy In Me”, “I Don’t Care”, “The Art of Telling Lies”


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