LITA FORD – Wicked Wonderland

Lita Ford – Wicked Wonderland (2009, JLRG Entertainment)

1. “Crave” … 3:46
2. “Piece (Hell Yeah)” … 3:42
3. “Patriotic SOB” … 4:33
4. “Scream 4 Me” … 3:58
5. “Inside” … 4:13
6. “Wicked Wonderland” … 3:50
7. “Indulge” … 4:43
8. “Love” … 5:31
9. “Sacred” … 3:58
10. “Betrayal” … 4:34
11. “Truth” … 3:56
12. “Everything” … 3:36
13. “Bed” … 6:51
14. “Garden” … 4:06
15. Push” … 4:17

Lita Ford – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Jim Gillette – Vocals
Greg Hampton – Bass, Synth, Rhythm Guitar
Stet Howland – Drums (Tracks 2-10, 12-15)
Chris Collier – Drums (Tracks 1 & 11)

Produced by: Greg Hampton, Jim Gillette and Lita Ford

Okay, let’s get this out of the way — musically, this isn’t “Kiss Me Deadly” Lita Ford. If that’s what you were expecting and wanting, sorry, it’s not here. Pop-Metal Queen Lita is gone and has been replaced by a Lita Ford that owes more to Rob Zombie than Motley Crue (don’t worry, she’s still hot).

15 years ago, Lita walked away from the music industry to concentrate on her family life and she has returned with a sex-charged album that is heavier than anything she’s done before and many songs are in the industrial metal vibe. Her voice is still in top form, as is Jim Gillette’s voice (husband & former Nitro front man). Jim makes an appearance on all of the tracks either sharing co-vocals with Lita or providing backing vocals.

Once this album was announced, I was happily waiting for it. Then “Crave” was released online and to be honest, I didn’t care for it. I could not get Rob Zombie out of my head and it was not what I was expecting from her at all. After a few more listens, the song started to grow on me though. That’s basically what this whole album is — a grower.

I can understand where it would be hard for any die hard Lita/glam fan to immediately dive into this album with arms wide open. Speaking personally, after giving this album a few listens, I’ve been able to pick it apart and my “favorites” list of songs from this album is beginning to build. There’s some really good moments here and some nice guitar playing from Lita. The album does have three songs that immediately grabbed me though: “Piece (Hell Yeah)”, “Scream 4 Me” and the trippy ballad “Sacred”.

Even if this isn’t the sound people are expecting from Lita, you have to give her credit for staying true to herself and doing what feels right to her instead of half-heartedly trying to ride the nostalgia train in an attempt to give us the “classic sound”. My final verdict is that Wicked Wonderland is an unforeseen yet enjoyable journey into new terrain for the Metal Queen.

As a side note — I have to say I really love the artwork and the photos of Lita. It’s dark, it’s edgy, it’s rock ‘n’ roll and when you toss Lita into the mix, she gives the whole theme just the right amount of soft ‘n’ sexy.

Highlights: “Piece (Hell Yeah)”, “Scream 4 Me”, “Inside”, “Indulge”, “Love”, “Sacred”, “Bed”


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