ALICE COOPER – Keepin’ Halloween Alive [iTunes single]

Alice Cooper – Keepin’ Halloween Alive [iTunes single] (2009, Shout! Factory/Nightmare Records)

1. “Keepin’ Halloween Alive” … 2:17
2. “Keepin’ Halloween Alive” (Cooperoke Mix) … 2:15

Alice Cooper – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Dave Pino – Lead Guitar, Bass, Rhodes Piano, Theramin
Matt “Piggy D.” Montgomery – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
David Spreng – Drums, Percussion, Harpsichord

Producer: Alice Cooper & Matt “Piggy D.” Montgomery

Why did it take so long for Alice to give us a Halloween anthem? Sure, Alice Cooper has always gone hand in hand with Halloween like Jason Voorhees and a couple of camp counselors, but I don’t believe there’s ever been a direct ode to the October holiday by “the king of all things Halloween” (as the digital booklet credits him).

Alice is still up to his old/new garage rock antics with this one. The song is fun, punchy, yet criminally short. Even with the garage rock sound, I got a Rob Zombie vibe from it (DON’T WORRY, there’s no attempt at Brutal Planet here), which makes sense after finding out that Matt “Piggy D.” Montgomery (who co-wrote, co-produced and played on this track) is a member of Rob Zombie’s band. Also of note is Dave Pino plays in Powerman 5000 and David Spreng plays in The Bravery.

The “Cooperoke Mix” is a karaoke version with the vocals low in the mix. Scream your heart out!

I wonder if this is a sign of things for come with the next Cooper album (penciled in for a 2010 release). The song seems more like what you might hear on The Eyes of Alice Cooper or Dirty Diamonds than what was on Along Came A Spider (which I thought was slightly disappointing).

The artwork is really cool too. Yes, I said artwork. I didn’t realize iTunes did this, but included is a 4-page digital booklet featuring the cover, disc art, lyrics and credits. I hope Alice retains whoever designed this for the artwork for the next album because it’s exactly the kind of look Alice should be going for.


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  1. thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! I MUST download it when I get home!

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