Ace Frehley – Anomaly (2009, Bronx Born Records)

1. “Foxy & Free” … 3:43
2. “Outer Space” … 3:48
3. “Pain In The Neck” … 4:18
4. “Fox on the Run” … 3:34
5. “Genghis Khan” … 6:08
6. “Too Many Faces” … 4:22
7. “Change the World” … 4:11
8. “Space Bear” … 5:24
9. “A Little Below The Angels” … 4:17
10. “Sister” … 4:48
11. “It’s a Great Life” … 4:00
12. “Fractured Quantum” … 6:19

Ace Frehley – Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass
Derrek Hawkins – Rhythm Guitar
Anthony Esposito – Bass
Anton Fig – Drums, Percussion
Scot Coogan – Drums, Percussion
Marti Frederiksen – Keyboards, Bass, Rhythm Guitar

Producer: Ace Frehley, Marti Frederiksen (“Fox on the Run”)

Great release! I wasn’t sure if Ace was up to the task of delivering anything resembling a solid hard rock release, but he did it. Ace has always been a bit out there beyond the stars, so while I was looking forward to this one, I figured it was either going to be really good or really bad, no in-between.

Luckily, it’s really good. I own Ace’s first two albums, and this basically sounds like his self-titled debut and a bit of Frehley’s Comet. Some of these songs would’ve fit in perfectly on either album.

It’s one thing for me to listen to a song and say “yeah, that’s good”, but when the song is stuck in my head– that’s an entirely different story. “Outer Space” is incredibly catchy, heavy but catchy. “Sister” (which apparently is a reworking of a mid-90s demo Ace had) and “Pain In The Neck” are the same way.

There’s a number of instrumentals here as well. I already knew about “Fractured Quantum” (the fourth and final in the “Fractured” series according to Ace), but when I heard “Space Bear” and “Genghis Khan” (are those classic Ace titles or what?) were instrumentals as well, I was slightly disappointed. I wanted full blown songs and felt the new “Fractured” should receive the only instrument spotlight. Again, I lucked out because the other two instrumentals are very well done and I actually prefer “Space Bear” and “Genghis Khan” over “Fractured Quantum”.

Basically, every track is enjoyable except for one. And that one song would be “A Little Below the Angels”. I find myself skipping that one, it’s just too corny and strange for me.

I had some trouble finding this album. I figured for sure Best Buy would have it, but they didn’t. Neither did FYE (which I wasn’t surprised by). Walmart didn’t have it either. I’ve heard that some Best Buy and Walmart stores do have the album in though. Either way, let’s just stay distribution wasn’t all that great for this one, but here’s the cool thing — the album still managed to land at #27 on the Billboard 200 for its first week. I definitely didn’t see that one coming.

One question for ya Ace: Why did it take TWENTY YEARS to give us this new solo album ?! C’mon, Ace — give us another one by 2011!

Highlights: “Foxy & Free”, “Outer Space”, “Pain In The Neck”, “Genghis Khan”, “Space Bear”, “Sister”, “Fractured Quantum”


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  1. Great review. I had the same problem finding this album in stores. I finally was able to pick it up at a Border’s Bookstore of all places.

    There was a lot of talk that this album was akin to his KISS solo album, but I totally agree with you that it is more in the vein of the first Frehleys’ Comet release…only this is better with less filler and (as much as I like a few of his songs on that album) no Tod Howarth.

    I think I’m the only person in the world that seems to dislike Foxy & Free. I agree that Fractured Quantum is OK but the least of the three instrumentals. I originally enjoyed A Little Below The Angels (mostly because it is weird and different and I LOVE when Ace tries weird things) but by about the 4th time I listened I was just sick to death of the spoken word part.

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