TESLA – Mechanical Resonance

Tesla – Mechanical Resonance (1986, Geffen Records)

1. “EZ Come EZ Go” … 3:33
2. “Cumin’ Atcha Live” … 4:27
3. “Gettin’ Better” … 3:22
4. “Too Late For Love” … 3:50
5. “Rock Me To The Top” … 3:40
6. “We’re No Good Together” … 5:18
7. “Modern Day Cowboy” … 5:18
8. “Changes” … 5:02
9. “Little Suzi” … 4:58
10. “Love Me” … 4:16
11. “Cover Queen” … 4:32
12. “Before My Eyes” … 5:31

Jeff Keith – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Frank Hannon – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tommy Skeoch – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brian Wheat – Bass, Backing Vocals
Troy Luccketta – Drums, Percussion

Produced by: Steve Thompson

Tesla always delivers at least a respect effort on their albums, but this album (their debut) is easily one of their best. I think one reason I like it so much is because it is very much influenced by the pop metal scene. Tesla would later go on to sound like a 1970s band rather than a 1980s on future releases, but I’m sure it is this album that unfairly has them lumped in the “hair metal” category they are generally regarded t o be a part of. Even the titles hear are downright hair metal: “EZ Come EZ Go”, “Cumin’ Atcha Live” and “2 Late 4 Love” sound like song titles any glam metal band we be proud to call their own.

Besides the hair metal connection, another noticeable difference is that Jeff Keith’s voice sounds less gritty here. I’m assuming age and just the fact that he wasn’t out there every night screaming at the top of his lungs while on tour has something to do with it.

Don’t get me wrong there, this isn’t a total slick glamfest — shades of what was to come (the “real” Tesla, if you will) is definitely here, I think they just used a more polished and popular sound to get their foot in the door. Regardless of their intentions, they still delivered one heck of a debut.

Highlights: “EZ Come EZ Go”, “Cumin’ Atcha Live”, “Gettin’ Better”, “Modern Day Cowboy”, “Changes”, “Before My Eyes”


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  1. Changes, Modern Day Cowboy, and Cumin’ Atcha Live are my favs off this album, I love the dual guitars in Cumin’ atcha Live

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