Great White – Hooked (1991, Capitol Records)

1. “Call It Rock N’ Roll” … 3:57
2. “Original Queen of Sheba” … 4:39
3. “Cold Hearted Lovin'” … 4:20
4. “Can’t Shake It” … 4:45
5. “Lovin’ Kind” … 4:46
6. “Heartbreaker” … 6:45
7. “Congo Square” … 6:58
8. “South Bay Cities” … 5:26
9. “Desert Moon” … 4:32
10. “Afterglow” … 5:50

Jack Russell – Vocals
Mark Kendall – Guitar
Michael Lardie – Guitar, Keyboards
Tony Montana – Bass
Audie Desbrow – Drums

Produced by: Alan Niven and Michael Lardie

Great White is one of those bands that has been cranking out solid albums for decades now, I haven’t heard a “bad” release from them yet. When you buy a Great White album, you have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to get because the band doesn’t change up their sound too much, other than some albums having more of a mellow vibe than others. It all still sounds like Great White though.

This album in particular is one of their mellow releases, it doesn’t get as loud as Once Bitten… or …Twice Shy did, but there’s nothing here to complain about either. It’s a solid and respectable album, but its a low-key effort that I think is surpassed even by the band’s output from the 2000s.

This was the last high-ranking album from the band. It debuted on the U.S. charts at #18 and eventually went gold, whereas …Twice Shy was double platinum. It’s easy to say “Oh, well, it was 1991, grunge was taking over, that’s why it didn’t do so well”, but the album was released in January ’91, nine months before Nirvana destroyed the hair metal genre.

It was the lack of powerful single that damaged the band more than a changing musical climate. The band tried to replicate the success of their “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” cover with “Call It Rock N’ Roll”, but the chart-busting magic wasn’t there this time around and there’s nothing here on the level of “Rock Me”, “Save Your Love” or “The Angel Song” either.

Highlights: “Call It Rock N’ Roll”, “Can’t Shake It”, “Desert Moon”, “Afterglow”


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