MEGADETH – Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?

Megadeth – Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? (1986, Capitol Records)

1. “Wake Up Dead” … 3:39
2. “The Conjuring” … 5:02
3. “Peace Sells” … 4:02
4. “Devil’s Island” … 5:04
5. “Good Mourning/Black Friday” … 6:39
6. “Bad Omen” … 4:03
7. “I Ain’t Superstitious” … 2:44
8. “My Last Words” … 4:48

Dave Mustaine – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Chris Poland – Guitar
Dave Ellefson – Bass, Backing Vocals
Gar Samuelson – Drums

Produced by: Dave Mustaine, Randy Burns, Andy Somers

Really strong album that is pointed to as one of the supreme thrash classics and is often mentioned as being better than perhaps Rust In Peace. That’s a debate I don’t care to get into because I’ve always enjoyed the more melodic side of Megadeth best (1992-onward) and for my money, Youthanasia is their best release.

Still, this is early angry Dave talking about politics, death and evil things all while and snarling and growling. You can’t go wrong with that, but it’s not an album I pull out to listen to much.

The album has a great closer with “My Last Words”, it’s definitely metal, but isn’t quite a heavy as the rest of the album. Given my Megadeth preferences, that’s probably why I like it so much.

I have the original CD pressing, but the album was remixed & remastered in 2004 by Dave himself and included remixed bonus tracks of “Wake Up Dead”, “The Conjuring”, “Peace Sells” and “Good Mourning/Black Friday”.

Highlights: “Wake Up Dead”, “Peace Sells”, “Good Mourning/Black Friday”, “I Ain’t Superstitious”, “My Last Words”

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  1. thoughtsinthekeyofrock

    This is the first Megadeth album I ever bought and it is very solid. I agree with you though, and there are probably very few of us out there that have Youthanasia as one of their best!

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