ALICE COOPER – The Eyes of Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper – The Eyes of Alice Cooper (2003, Eagle Records)

1. “What Do You Want from Me?” … 3:24
2. “Between High School & Old School” … 3:01
3. “Man of the Year” … 2:51
4. “Novocaine” … 3:07
5. “Bye Bye, Baby” … 3:27
6. “Be With You Awhile” … 4:17
7. “Detroit City” … 3:58
8. “Spirits Rebellious” … 3:35
9. “This House Is Haunted” … 3:30
10. “Love Should Never Feel Like This” … 3:32
11. “The Song That Didn’t Rhyme” … 3:17
12. “I’m So Angry” … 3:36
13. “Backyard Brawl” … 2:36

Alice Cooper – Vocals
Eric Dover – Guitar
Ryan Roxie – Guitar
Chuck Garric – Bass
Eric Singer – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Wayne Kramer – Guitar (“Detroit City”)
Teddy Zig Zag – Keyboards, Accordion, Percussion
Calico Cooper – Backing Vocals
Scott Gilman – Saxophone, Clarinet

Produced by: Alice Cooper and Mudrock

It took me a few spins to fully get into this album, but its a welcome return to Alice’s roots! After producing two albums that were influenced by industrial metal (Brutal Planet and Dragontown), Alice became influenced by the glut of garage rockers that were the critics’ darlings in the early ’00s and decided to show’em how someone from the old school does it right down to the recording process — most the tracks were recorded in full live and the album was wrapped within two weeks!

The Eyes of Alice Cooper is raw and loose garage rock ‘n’ roll with some punk thrown in (though “Be With You Awhile” sounds like one of his late-70s ballads you might hear on the radio). There’s really not a whole lot of “shock rock” or dark moments like there were on Brutal Planet, Alice is out for a good time and shows it with some of his usual playful & humorous lyrics on “Man of the Year”, “Novocaine” and “The Song The Didn’t Rhyme”. The most macabre-sounding song of the bunch is “This House Is Haunted”, which for some reason always makes me think of Disney World’s Haunted House ride. Would be cool that have them play THAT while on the ride.

Even though I welcomed Alice’s move away from nu-metal with open arms, I can’t say this album is any better than his previous two efforts. They are all good albums and worthy additions to his storied career, but different beasts. If you wanna be angry, listen to Brutal Planet. If you just wanna have fun, listen to The Eyes of Alice Cooper.

Highlights: “What Do You Want from Me?”, “Novocaine”, “Be With You A While”, “Detroit City”, “Spirits Rebellious”, “This House Is Haunted”, “Love Should Never Feel Like This”, “Backyard Brawl”


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  1. I love the Brutal Planet and Dragontown albums, but I’m glad he switched gears before he over-did that style. I think you pegged this album pretty well.

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