GARY MOORE – Victims of the Future

Gary Moore – Victims of the Future [Remastered] (2003, Virgin Records – UK Import)
Original Release: 1984, Mirage Records

1. “Victims Of The Future” … 6:14
2. “Teenage Idol” … 4:07
3. “Shapes Of Things” … 4:14
4. “Empty Rooms” … 6:35
5. “Murder In The Skies” … 7:18
6. “All I Want” … 4:18
7. “Hold On To Love” … 4:26
8. “Law Of The Jungle” … 6:22
9. “Devil In Her Heart” … 3:29
10. “Blinder” … 2:46
11. “Empty Rooms (’84 remix)” … 4:21

Gary Moore – Guitar, Vocals
Neil Murray – Bass
Mo Foster – Bass
Bob Daisley – Bass
Ian Paice – Drums
Bobby “Prime Time” Chouinard – Drums
Neil Carter – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Noddy Holder – Backing vocals on “Shapes Of Things”

Produced by: Jeff Glixman

With high praise coming in from all sorts of places, this was my first Gary Moore purchase… What a place to start! I’ve read up enough on Gary and his albums to know that the blues is his true passion, but this is one heck of a hard rock album.

Victims of the Future is from Moore’s early ’80s heavy metal period that started with 1982’s Corridors of Power and with songs like “Victims of the Future” and especially “Murder In The Skies”, it’s a shame Moore didn’t become a huge guitar god act in the U.S. Why the United States rock/metal-buying public didn’t latch onto this album and cling tightly to it, I’ll never know.

As soon as I heard “Victims of the Future”, I was hooked. It’s a great piece of hard rock and is followed up by another outstanding rocker in “Teenage Idol”.The ballad “Empty Rooms” is another highlight of the album and I like the ’84 remix bonus track just as much. The album’s real centerpiece is “Murder In The Skies” which features some really amazing heavy metal guitar work from Mr. Moore.

I wouldn’t really say this album is very much in line with what the general definition for “heavy metal” is these days. The only song that comes close to that, well, the only song that actually is that is “Murder In The Skies”. The rest is a nice blend slick rock (“Shapes Of Things”, “All I Want”, “Hold On To Love”) and hard rock (“Law Of The Jungle”, “Teenage Idol”, “Victims of the Future”).

Even the bonus tracks are good. “Devil In Her Heart” is a heavy number worthy of standing alongside “Murder In The Skies”, “Blinder” is a nice instrumental that sounds like something maybe Steve Vai would do, and remix of “Empty Rooms”  is a good slab of slick ’80s rock/pop that I happen to like. I’m assuming this remix is the version taken from Moore’s 1985 album Run for Cover, where he rerecorded it.

Anyone who isn’t familiar with Gary Moore and this album specifically is really missing out and I’m extremely happy I decided to purchase it.

Highlights: “Victims of the Future”, “Teenage Idol”, “Empty Rooms”, “Murder In The Skies”, “Law Of The Jungle”


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