KISS album cover designer Michael Doret interviewed @ Tokyo Five

C’mon, Bob! You gotta LET ME KNOW these things! I had to dig through your site to find this.


Bob (who can frequently be seen in the METAL EXCESS comments section under the name “tokyo5”) was recently lucky enough to interview famed Rock And Roll Over and Sonic Boom cover designer Michael Doret.

Mr. Doret was originally interviewed in April 2009, but now there’s a sequel. Both interviews are well worth your time and congrats to tokyo5 for a job well done!

April 2009 interview

August 2009 interview

You can also check out the interviews Bob conducted with Bruce Kulick and KISS tribute band member Fred Bensi while you’re at Tokyo Five.


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  1. Sorry. I thought I did mention it in a comment on your blog somewhere.

    Thanks for the mention in this post, though!
    And I’m happy that you were looking thru my site. Please leave a comment sometimes!

  2. Can you choose the “Top 5” albums of all time…and “Top 5” movies?

  3. I got the new KISSSonic Boom” CD today.

    Have you heard any of the songs?
    It’s pretty good!

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