I came across this site thanks to Metal_Mark on Twitter. It’s a great (and growing) resource to keep updated on the metal scene if you use Twitter a lot!

NEWS SITES, AND RECORD LABELS IN ONE PLACE! Aggregates All Your Metal Twitter Accounts on
One Site So You Can Get Your Favorite Metal News 24/7

SYNHERGY ENTERTAINMENT and Lekberg Enterprises have come up with a way for fans to get all their metal news in one place, as it happens. The solution is CircleTwitt, the internet’s circle pit. Located at, the site gathers the latest tweets from metal personalities, bands, news sites, record labels, and more. Tweets are displayed in one convenient feed making it easy for metal heads to get news directly from the world of metal. Readers don’t need to be Twitter users to use CircleTwitt, although the site allows Twitter users some additional features such as re-tweeting posts.

CircleTwitt lets users find all their favorite metal tweets individually as well. Additionally, users can “throw a metal-head into the pit,” i.e. submit a Twitter account to the site administrators to get added into the main feed on the home page. CircleTwitt already has over 150 bands and industry twitterers listed with more being submitted every day. The site also informs users on the number of daily metal tweets, most active metal twitterers for the week, and has a special section for featured metal twitterers.

“This project is very exciting for me because I’ve always had a hard time keeping up with the numerous metal news sites, blogs, and gossip because of my busy schedule,” explains SYNHERGY ENTERTAINMENT owner Dimple Thakkar. “With CircleTwitt, users can come to our site and check all the latest and greatest in the world of metal. We are also hoping that we can help drive traffic back to our partners and assist bands, record labels, and other ‘metal heads’ get more exposure through our site.”

CircleTwitt is part of the Twitty 4 Hour News Network (T4HN), a new brand by SYNHERGY ENTERTAINMENT and Lekberg Enterprises that specializes in building custom-built, brand-centric Twitter Destinations. The official T4HN website is located at and plans to release additional niche sites to cover other genres of music and other types of entertainment such as sports, news, and more.

T4HN is the natural offspring of one of today’s most exciting technologies, Twitter. Real-time information, or as close as we can get to it, has raised its hand as an important part of the future of the internet. The Twitty Four Hour News Network takes the powerful information source created by Twitter and builds brand-centric destinations that help to focus the flood of that information” says Jason Lekberg, founder of Lekberg Enterprises.

SYNHERGY ENTERTAINMENT and Lekberg Enterprises partnered with professional web designer and photographer Kris Arnold to build The site is currently working on releasing additional features that will allow users to leave comments on each tweet on the site. Soon, metal heads will also be given the opportunity be a part of the “circle pit” with all their favorite metal celebrities, bands, record labels, and more whenever the #circletwitt or #metal hashtag are used within updates on Twitter.


SYNHERGY ENTERTAINMENT is a multi-faceted company designed to meet the needs of anyone in the entertainment industry. The company features marketing, talent management, publicity, and provides creative solutions to deliver better entertainment within the digital world.

Lekberg Enterprises is an umbrella corporation that manages all of the endeavors created by or involving Jason Lekberg.


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