Going to hear KISS play ALIVE… live in Detroit!

Yes, I’ll be going to this show. Tickets were surprisingly fair priced, I think. Despite KISS being my favorite band, I’ve never attended a KISS concert. Hopefully, that will change September 25th. I say “hopefully” because the one and only previous KISS show I had tickets for (on 2005’s Rock the Nation tour in Pensacola, FL), they canceled because Paul got sick.


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  1. That’s great that you’ll finally go to a KISS show.

    I have seen KISS a number of times…but they didn’t come to Japan to promote their last studio album (Psycho Circus), so I didn’t get to see that tour (but they did come to Japan for tours before and after Psycho Circus).

    Hopefully they’ll be a “Sonic Boom Japan Tour”!

    • I hope they come back around *here* for SONIC BOOM! 😀 I’m already thinking about the next tour! They added a 9/26 show. The 9/25 show is just about sold out already.

      • I wonder if they’ll play “Modern Day Delilah” or any other songs from “Sonic Boom” at the September shows.

        Do you know what the set-list is?

  2. Set list is going to be ALIVE.

  3. Yeah, they’re coming to my town, too – at an excellent indoor venue! I am excited about it. Always loved their music!!!

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