MOST WANTED: Black Sabbath

I figure this is a good way to keep in mind what albums I want and perhaps anyone who comes across this might be able to point me in the direction of some decent sites & prices.

I’ve been on a huge Black Sabbath kick lately, re-ignited by purchasing the much-loved Seventh Star and The Eternal Idol. If only I could get the rest of those Tony Martin albums, which are out-of-print…


Headless Cross (1989)

My favorite Tony Martin album. High priority.


Tyr (1990)

The Eternal Idol would be my 2nd favorite Martin album, but Tyr is VERY close behind it.


Cross Purposes (1994)

I should’ve picked this one up all those years ago at the FYE in Fort Walton Beach. It was only $7, but I could never bring myself to buy it because I wasn’t much of a Sabbath fan at the time.


Cross Purposes – Live (1995)

Never heard it and it’s the least of my worries from this list, but I love Martin and I would love to get a hold of him singing Sabbath classics live.


Forbidden (1995)

I have it around here somewhere on CDR and I actually don’t think it’s too bad.


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  1. I have The Headless Cross on cassette and Cross Purposes on CD. It is a darn shame this incredible chunk of Black Sabbath history is out of print. I am psyched I kept my cassette collection all these years now, due to the out of print CD’s syndrome. The Headless Cross is incredible, yet In my Metal opinion, Cross Purposes is flat out unreal great. You can always try ebay to see if these titles are floating around… you can try Century Media Records too, – I swear I did see TYR on their site for sale this past year… good luck hunting these classics down, it is well worth it as you know!

    In Metal – Stone

  2. hmm..well i dislike the Tony martin era of black sabbath, the stuff was too unvaried and not very catchy….the Ozzy era is much more preferable….much more heavy and integral to the metal sound.

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