ACCEPT – Restless and Wild

Accept – Restless and Wild (1983, Epic Records/Portrait Records)

1. “Fast as a Shark” …  3:49
2. “Restless and Wild” … 4:12
3. “Ahead of the Pack” … 3:24
4. “Shake Your Heads” … 4:17
5. “Neon Nights” … 6:01
6. “Get Ready” … 3:41
7. “Demon’s Night” … 4:27
8. “Flash Rockin’ Man” … 4:28
9. “Don’t Go Stealing My Soul Away” … 3:15
10. “Princess of the Dawn” … 6:15

Udo Dirkschneider – Vocals
Wolf Hoffmann – Guitars
Herman Frank – Guitars
Peter Baltes – Bass
Stefan Kaufmann – Drums

Produced by: Accept

A fine “heavy metal platter”. What? It’s a cliched term and I wanted to use it.

Accept is one of those bands that I never fell head over heels for like so many other metal fans have. I look at them as the German equivalent of Judas Priest, except they aren’t anywhere near as good as Priest, in my opinion.

After owning Balls to the Wall for quite some time, I figured I’d give Accept a shot again. From what I’ve heard, this is considered one of Accept’s best (if not THE best) albums and it’s not hard to hear why that would be, but even so, I’m not blown away by the album. There’s a handful of really good numbers (with “Fast as a Shark” and “Princess of the Dawn” being the true standouts), but I wouldn’t call the album “great”. I prefer the more melodic Metal Heart and Balls to the Wall.

Highlights: “Fast as a Shark”, “Restless and Wild”, “Neon Nights”, “Demon’s Night”, “Princess of the Dawn”


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