L.A. GUNS – Tales from the Strip

L.A. Guns – Tales from the Strip (2005, Shrapnel Records)

1. “It Don’t Mean Nothing” … 5:07
2. “Electric Neon Sunset” … 4:41
3. “Gypsy Soul” … 3:04
4. “Original Sin” … 4:25
5. “Vampire” … 4:22
6. “Hollywood’s Burning” … 3:44
7. “6.9 Earthshaker” … 4:07
8. “Rox Baby Girl” … 4:12
9. “Crazy Motorcycle” … 4:20
10. “Skin” … 3:11
11. “Shame” … 4:53
12. “Resurrection” … 3:46
13. “Amanecer” … 3:13
14. (Can’t Give You) Anything Better Than Love” … 4:45

Phil Lewis – Lead Vocals
Stacey Blades – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Adam Hamilton – Bass, Backing Vocals
Steve Riley – Drums, Backing Vocals

Produced by: Andy Johns

When Tracii Guns jumped at the chance to form Brides of Destruction with Nikki Sixx in late 2002, the rest of L.A. Guns decided they weren’t going to sit around and wait until Guns turned his attention back to the band he had originally formed. The band rebounded by selecting ex-Roxx Gang guitarist Stacey Blades to step in for Tracii Guns (They brought a knife to a gunfight?) and releasing the covers album Rips the Covers Off in 2004.

With this album, they released their first slab of original post-Tracii material and it stands up quite well. The absence of Tracii hurts, but Blades jumped right into the creative process and every song was written by the band as a whole (and isn’t that how it SHOULD be?).

If this is how L.A. Guns is going to sound without Tracii, I think they’re doing just fine.  I must have had a lot going on in my life when this first came out, because I didn’t give it an extensive listen but this album rocks! Phil Lewis is still one of rock’s vocalists and this is L.A. Guns churning out the same solid L.A. sleaze they’ve been doing since their 1988 debut, and they’ve retained that modern/old school sound Waking The Dead had. So, c’mon, guys– when’s the next album coming out?

The one thing that I found humorous about this album is that it’s a concept album about that world-famous Sunset Strip. Is that really much of a concept? Isn’t that the dominant theme of practically every hair metal album released in the 80s?

It’s sad to not see Tracii in the “real” L.A. Guns. Especially after his final work in the band was the awesome Waking The Dead, which was a great blend of old school Guns and modern hard rock. To me, it seems like the second chance at stardom went to his head and he decided L.A. Guns, his own band, was beneath him. Karma got him in the end though because Nikki himself ditched Brides for a better gig by reuniting the original Motley Crue and now Tracii is stuck with his own unofficial version of L.A. Guns, which seems to change members by the month. I’m sure he’ll eventually reunite with Phil & Steve, but when will so many of these “80s” rockers realize they’re better off working together than feuding together?

Highlights: “It Don’t Mean Nothing”, “Electric Neon Sunset”, “Original Sin”, “Vampire”, “Hollywood’s Burning”, “Crazy Motorcyle”, “(Can’t Give You) Anything Better Than Love”

www.laguns.net (Phil Lewis’ version, AKA – “the real one”)

www.lagunslive.com (Tracii Guns’ version)

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  1. >ex-Roxx Gang guitarist Stacey Blades to step in for Tracii Guns (They brought a knife to a gunfight?)

    😀 And they both have “girls” first names. 😉
    Roxx Gang are from the same part of Florida as me.

  2. I own this too. Bought it for $3 used and listened to it a couple of times, not that memorable from what I remember.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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