DIRTY LOOKS – Slave To The Machine

Dirty Looks – Slave To The Machine [Remastered] (2009, Perris Records)
Original Release: 1996, BH Records

1. “Murder For Money” … 4:14
2. “Slave in the Machine” … 4:12
3. “Droperidol” … 4:06
4. “A Better Way” … 4:18
5. “Anesthesia” … 3:28
6. “The Hole” … 3:51
7. “Feelings of Dread” … 4:10
8. “Quite So High” … 3:06
9. “Getting Even” … 3:35
10. “Jaw Breaker” … 4:13
11. “The Rotten Kind” … 3:16
12. “Last Crack” … 3:53
13. “Better Off Dead” … 3:22
14. “It’s Gonna Be Alright (live)” … 9:35
15. “Let There be Rock (live)” … 6:10

Henrik Ostergaard – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Ondrusek – Guitar
Mike Smith – Guitar
Jassen Wilber – Bass
Ron Sutton – Drums

Slave To The Machine has been out of print for quite some time, but Perris Records has reissued it (though Dirty Looks’ website claims it’s also a remaster), switched up the track listing and has included two bonus tracks that previously were only available on the original German pressing of this album.

This was the last Dirty Looks album for 11 years, so by this point, the band had already done a number of indie releases (after releasing two albums for Atlantic Records) and frontman Henrik Ostergaard was the only original member left. According to Dirty Looks’ own website, who exactly played and produced this album is even a mystery to Henrik, though it’s generally accepted that Mike Ondrusek, Jassen Wilber, Ron Sutton and ex-Limp Bizkit (!) guitarist Mike Smith were the players. As for who produced— ??? The world may never know. Anyone want to step up and take credit?

To the songs themselves, there is a much heavier, somewhat grungy/alternative vibe and if anyone was looking into Dirty Looks, I would suggest their search does not being with Slave To The Machine. Is it terrible? No, and it does show some signs of the band’s fun trademark of sleaze, glam and AC/DC, but it’s just a bit too heavy, dark, pessimistic and angry for me. Just take a listen to “Feelings of Dread”, possibly the worst Dirty Looks song ever and it’s pure anger ‘n’ gloom alternative metal (complete with Henrik attempting a nearly black metal cookie monster voice at times).

An album only for the hardcore Dirty Looks fans.

Highlights: “Murder For Money”, “Droperidol”, “A Better Way”, “Quite So High”, “Better”



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