JUDAS PRIEST – A Touch of Evil: Live

Judas Priest – A Touch of Evil: Live (2009, Epic Records/Sony Music)

1. “Judas Rising” … 4:23
2. “Hellrider” … 5:38
3. “Between the Hammer and the Anvil” … 4:35
4. “Riding on the Wind” … 3:28
5. “Death” … 7:52
6. “Beyond the Realms of Death” … 6:52
7. “Dissident Aggressor” … 3:03
8. “A Touch of Evil” … 6:10
9. “Eat Me Alive” … 4:35
10. “Prophecy” … 6:07
11. “Painkiller” … 7:12

Rob Halford – Vocals
K.K. Downing – Guitar
Glenn Tipton – Guitar
Ian Hill – Bass
Scott Travis – Drums

Produced by: Thom Allom and Judas Priest

This album was released one day before the Judas Priest/Whitesnake show in Clarkston, MI so it was a great way to get hyped to see the band. I’ve played it many times over since then and it’s quickly become one of my favorite live albums. It’s been in my car stereo ever since purchasing it.

Instead of giving us another live album featuring “Breaking The Law” or “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”, Priest decided on a track listing truly meant for the diehards to enjoy. The songs are pulled from performances between 2005 and 2008 and it’s a great mix of new and old songs that aren’t a part of their standard setlist these days.

THREE Painkiller songs? “Eat Me Alive”? “Beyond the Realms of Death”? TWO Angel of Retribution songs? THIS is the kinda stuff I love to see on a live album! To all of you bands who release live albums– forget about the “hits” and the play-by-numbers setlists and get down to the rarities and fan faves! Even Nostradamus‘ “Death” and “Prophecy” sound right at home in a live setting with the rest of these Priest classics.

For fans– if you’re tired of the same ol’ boring live albums, pick this one up to support Priest & heavy metal because Rob & co. are doing it right with a refreshing track list and some great performances as well.

Highlights: “Judas Rising”, “Between the Hammer and the Anvil”, “Death”, “Beyond the Realms of Death”, “A Touch of Evil”, “Prophecy”, “Painkiller”



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  1. I have to agree…..at least its not the same old songs you get all the time but, if you think about it, this is only live record #3 with Halford (2 were with Ripper). Could have been longer though.


    Heavy Metal Addiction

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