HALFORD – Live Insurrection

Halford – Live Insurrection (2001, Metal-Is Records/Sanctuary Records)

1. “Resurrection” … 4:02
2. “Made in Hell” … 4:13
3. “Into the Pit” … 4:15
4. “Nailed to the Gun” … 3:35
5. “Light Comes Out of Black” … 5:00
6. “Stained Class” … 5:32
7. “Jawbreaker” … 3:25
8. “Running Wild” … 3:02
9. “Slow Down” … 4:40
10. “The One You Love to Hate” … 3:11
11. “Life in Black” … 4:26
12. “Hell’s Last Survivor” … 3:24
13. “Sad Wings” … 3:33
14. “Saviour” … 2:57
15. “Silent Screams” … 7:32

1. Intro … 0:14
2. “Cyberworld” … 3:04
3. “The Hellion” … 0:48
4. “Electric Eye” … 3:29
5. “Riding on the Wind” … 3:10
6. “Genocide” … 7:36
7. “Beyond the Realms of Death” … 6:51
8. “Metal Gods” … 4:34
9. “Breaking the Law” … 3:50
10. “Tyrant” … 4:41
11. “Screaming in the Dark” … 3:41
12. “Heart of a Lion” … 3:51
13. “Prisoner of Your Eyes” … 4:33

Rob Halford – Vocals
Pat Lachman – Guitar
Mike Chlasciak – Guitar
Ray Riendeau – Bass
Bobby Jarzombek – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Bruce Dickinson – Vocals (“The One You Love To Hate”)

Produced by: Roy Z

This is a good live album with a setlist that spans Rob’s career in Priest, Fight and Halford (What, no Two songs?). The songs were recorded at various locations throughout Halford’s 2000-20001 World Tour, but you wouldn’t really know because the production of this album gives both discs a nice feel on continuity, making you think it’s all one gigantic show.

Virtually every live album includes some sprucing up in the studio, and Rob has admitted that about this album himself, but you can still tell this band is in top form. Rob’s voice is great and the rest of the crew is on fire. I really don’t care for the sound of Fight, but the rest is aces… You can’t go wrong with Judas Priest or Halford! Maybe the crowd response was sweetened, but it still gives me goosebumps, especially on “The Hellion” and leading into “Electric Eye”.

Halford was (is?) a great band, this live setting proves that, so I had mixed emotions when it was announced Rob was going back to Judas Priest. Hopefully, when/if Priest ever decides to take a break, Halford will get back going at full force (Rob intended to give us a new Halford album in 2007, but writing for Nostradamus put that on hold).

Notes about some of the songs:

Unfortunately (and here’s the band thing about post-producing live albums), Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson did not really duet with Rob on “The One You Love to Hate”. According to Scott over at No Life ’til Metal, they were two separate soundchecks done in London that were then spliced together with crowd noise added in. Additionally, “Light Comes out of Black” and “Life In Black” were both soundchecks with crowd noises thrown in. “Hell’s Last Survivor” and “Sad Wings” were bonus tracks from the Japanese version of Resurrection.

“Screaming in the Dark” is a new studio song by Halford. It’s okay. It’s much heavier than anything from Resurrection and sounds much more similar to the heavier sound the band would produce on 2002’s Crucible. “Heart of a Lion” and “Prisoner of Your Eyes” are Priest demo songs (both later made their way onto Judas Priest remasters/box sets). I like’em.

Highlights: “Resurrection”, “Stained Class”, “Slow Down”, “The One You Love to Hate”, “Cyberworld”, “The Hellion”, “Electric Eye”, “Riding on the Wind”, “Beyond the Realms of Death”, “Metal Gods”, “Breaking the Law”, “Heart of a Lion”, “Prisoner of Your Eyes”


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  1. This one is a good live album despite the studio overdubs. Look, every band does it, at least Halford admits it. What I liked was that the overall live sound of the band was captured and its a great setlist. I agree about the soundchecks……too bad they just couldn’t have done it live. I bought the Japanese version with ‘Blackout’ featuring the Scorpions’ Rudolf Schenker.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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