KISS – MTV Unplugged

KISS – MTV Unplugged (1996, Mercury Records)

1. “Comin’ Home” … 2:21
2. “Plaster Caster” … 3:17
3. “Goin’ Blind” … 3:37
4. “Do You Love Me?” … 3:13
5. “Domino” … 3:46
6. “Sure Know Something” … 4:14
7. “World Without Heroes” … 2:57
8. “Rock Bottom” … 3:20
9. “See You Tonight” … 2:26
10. “I Still Love You” … 6:09
11. “Every Time I Look at You” … 4:43
12. “2000 Man” … 5:12
13. “Beth” … 2:50
14. “Nothin’ to Lose” … 3:42
15. “Rock and Roll All Night” … 4:20

Paul Stanley – Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
Gene Simmons – Acoustic Bass, Lead Vocals
Bruce Kulick – Acoustic Guitar
Eric Singer – Drums, Lead Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Ace Frehley – Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
Peter Criss – Drums, Lead Vocals
Phillip Ashley – Piano on “Every Time I Look at You”

Produced by: Alex Coletti

Basically, this is Alive Acoustic. This album is, as you could already tell, a live recording of their 1995 MTV Unplugged performance. And it’s actually a pretty historical performance too, because we got to see Paul, Gene, Bruce, Eric, Ace and Peter all performing together. It also served as a major catalyst for Ace & Peter to return (which was more than likely already in the making anyway). The album itself was a success as well, going gold.

It’s a really cool performance. It’s nice to hear these songs in an acoustic setting (the band had been doing acoustic sets for the KISS Conventions so this is a tight performance) and it’s an interesting set list as well. Forget all the hype, lights, pyro and bombast– this album is a stripped down KISS proving that, despite the hate that comes from music critics, they were more than just makeup and marketing. Paul’s voice sounds phenomenal, he really hits a home run on “I Still Love You” and “Sure Know Something”.

This album definitely wouldn’t be of interest to casual KISS fans. It’s acoustic and it’s not a “greatest hits” set list by any means, but for die-hards, it’s a dream come true and I think it’s another classic live release from the band.

Highlights: “Comin’ Home”, “Do You Love Me?”, “Sure Know Something”, “Rock Bottom”, “See You Tonight”, “I Still Love You”, “Every Time I Look at You”, “Nothin’ to Lose”, “Rock and Roll All Night”

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  1. A HUGE deal for me because it was a signal of the upcoming reunion. There is a 2 CD bootleg of the entire performance complete with all the takes for different songs and some songs that didn’t make the cut.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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