EDGUY – Hellfire Club

Edguy – Hellfire Club (2004, Nuclear Blast Records)

1. “Mysteria” … 5:44
2. “The Piper Never Dies” … 10:05
3. “We Don’t Need a Hero” … 5:30
4. “Down to the Devil” … 5:27
5. “King of Fools” … 4:21
6. “Forever” … 5:40
7. “Under the Moon” … 5:04
8. “Lavatory Love Machine” … 4:25
9. “Rise of the Morning Glory” … 4:39
10. “Lucifer in Love” … 0:32
11. “Navigator” … 5:22
12. “The Spirit Will Remain” … 4:12

Tobias Sammet – Vocals, Keyboards
Jens Ludwig – Guitar
Dirk Sauer – Guitar
Tobias Exxel – Bass
Felix Bohnke – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Oliver Hartmann – Backing Vocals
Thomas Rettke – Backing Vocals

Produced by: Edguy

Great release from Edguy, even though it’s not a highly acclaimed album from many of Edguy’s so-called “fans”. It’s heavier than previous Edguy efforts yet includes an orchestra for many of the songs.

The catchy power metal songs are still here though. “Mysteria”, “We Don’t Need a Hero” and “King of Fools”, are particularly infectious and it’s another release to offer proof that Sammet is one of the best voices in rock & metal.

I first got into Edguy with Rocket Ride, which is another album derided by Edguy fans, but I loved it and went back and picked this one up. It’s not over the top with the ode to 80s melodic metal that Rocket Ride had at times, but on Hellfire Club, the signs are showing of a band that’s more concerned with having fun than being credible in the eyes of critics… and that’s a good thing.

Highlights: “Mysteria”, “The Piper Never Dies”, “We Don’t Need a Hero”, “Down to the Devil”, “King of Fools”, “Forever”, “Lavatory Love Machine”


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