Iron Maiden – Killers [Enhanced Edition] (1998, Sanctuary Records/Metal-Is Records)
Original Release: 1981, Capitol Records

1. “The Ides of March” … 1:45
2. “Wrathchild” … 2:54
3. “Murders in the Rue Morgue” … 4:19
4. “Another Life” … 3:22
5. “Genghis Khan” … 3:06
6. “Innocent Exile” … 3:53
7. “Killers” … 5:01
8. “Prodigal Son” … 6:11
9. “Purgatory” … 3:21
10. “Twilight Zone” … 2:34
11. “Drifter” … 4:48

Paul Di’Anno – Vocals
Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Steve Harris – Bass guitar, Backing Vocals
Clive Burr – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Dennis Stratton – Guitar

This the second and final album to feature Paul Di’Anno on vocals and I like it much better than their debut. Iron Maiden had some punk influence, but I enjoy Killers much more because it sees Iron Maiden settling into a much more typical NWOBHM sound (which isn’t a bad thing). The album still shows the beginnings of the galloping metal the band would produce with Bruce Dickinson though. The addition of guitarist Adrian Smith (replacing Dennis Stratton) greatly helps bring the band to the next level as well.

Though I like Di’Anno’s vocals, I agree with what the band his vocals were not and would not fit in with the musical direction they wanted to go in. The signs of a mismatch were showing on this album, most glaringly on “Prodigal Son”. He doesn’t offer up a bad performance on the album, it’s just a case of not fitting in anymore (he was a great fit for their more raucous debut though).

To be honest, I don’t have much more to say about this album because I don’t have much of an emotional connection to Iron Maiden (and certainly not to the Di’Anno albums), but it’s definitely a classic metal release and I recommend it over the band’s debut for anyone who is curious about pre-Dickinson Iron Maiden.

Produced by: Martin Birch

Highlights: “Wrathchild”, “Murders in the Rue Morgue”, “Another Life”, “Genghis Khan”, “Prodigal Son”, “Purgatory”, “Twilight Zone”


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  1. I remember when the first record and Killers came out and we all had to buy the albums because of the covers…..they just looked so good that we figured the music would be good too.

    I agree, the D’ianno albums are more punk influenced but they are raw NWOBHM at its core. I prefer the debut to Killers but they are a great pair of records that I think get forgotten due to the continued world domination the Bruce-era has had.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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