Ozzy suing for bigger ownership of Black Sabbath name

Courtesy of RollingStone.com:

Ozzy Osbourne has filed a lawsuit against Black Sabbath bandmate Tony Iommi, claiming Iommi illegally assumed 100% ownership of the band’s name.

Ozzy is seeking a 50% stake in the “Black Sabbath” trademark as well as royalties Iommi has already earned. The suit suggests it was Osbourne’s “signature lead vocals” that brought Sabbath its “extraordinary success.” The suit uses Sabbath’s decline in popularity post-Ozzy as proof.

This suit follows an $80 million suit Iommi filed against Live Nation last year, claiming the company sold Black Sabbath merchandise despite a deal that expired in 2006.

Someone’s jealous of Heaven and Hell

There’s no doubt Sharon is 100% behind this and I doubt Ozzy really has a clue what is going on, but who cares? Ozzy is pathetic these days and was always overrated, in my opinion.

Though it’s sad that Sharon/Ozzy can’t just let Iommi be, this can only further solidify the bond between Dio & Iommi and that’s good news to me. Hopefully, in another 2 years or so, we’ll be seeing a new Heaven and Hell release because Zeus knows it would be 1,000 times better than anything involving Ozzy.

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  1. Yeah, “The Devil You Know” is better than anything Ozzy has done since the 80s. No contest.

    And there goes any more Sabbath shows with the original lineup!

  2. Who cares, I say! Mr. & Mrs. Sharon are shooting themselves in the foot and Ronnie Jame Dio can actually still go.

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