WILDSTREET – Wildstreet

Wildstreet – Wildstreet (2009, Retrospect Records)

1. “Wanna Get It On” … 3:41
2. “Hard On You” … 3:13
3. “For So Long” … 3:36
4. “Soldier Of Love” … 3:38
5. “Midnight Gypsy” … 3:12
6. “Open Up Your Eyes” … 4:05
7. “The Fist of Fury” … 4:01
8. “All the Young Dudes” … 3:35
9. “Soldier of Love” (Acoustic) … 4:06

Eric Jayk – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Keith Robert – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jimmie Marlowe – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ali Hassan – Bass, Backing Vocals
Beck – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Watt White – Gang Vocals
Kyle Kelso – Gang Vocals, Keyboards
Jared Lamenzo – Keyboards

Produced by: Mike Shimshack, Kyle Kelso, Eric Jayk

Since Def Leppard is apparently content to not to do any new material featuring their trademark “Mutt Lange sound”, a few other bands have stepped up to the plate and are knocking out home runs. Loudlion is one of those bands, but they seem to be more a goof for MySpace than anything serious and their few songs are knockoffs of actual Def Leppard songs.

So that leaves us with Wildstreet, who fortunately are giving us the “Mutt Lange sound” with songs there aren’t directly inspired by existing Def Leppard songs. That said, the band REALLY does sound like Def Leppard. From the drums to the gang vocals to Eric Jayk’s own vocals (though he can get higher than Joe Elliott can or could), a less informed listener may think this very well was Def Leppard!

I only came across this band and album by chance. I was looking to order Freakshow’s debut and ended up at Retrospect Records, which is also the label of Wildstreet. One click to Wildstreet’s MySpace page, and then I was hooked.

I just can’t get over how fun this album is and it’s another contender for 2009’s Top 10. It’s also great to see the album didn’t wear out it’s welcome with the number of songs, as too many tracks can often kill the momentum and overall quality of an album, but Wildstreet hits it just right with 9 tracks and leave me wanting more! Just like the best albums should! Take note, Def Leppard, and leave the country music and “adult mainstream” sound alone next time!

Highlights: “Wanna Get It On”, “Hard On You”, “For So Long”, “Soldier of Love”, “Midnight Gypsy”, “Open Up Your Eyes”



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