WARRANT – Dirty Rotten Stinking Filthy Rich

Warrant – Dirty Rotten Stinking Filthy Rich [Expanded Edition] (2004, Sony Music/Legacy Recordings)
Original Release: 1989, Columbia Records

1. “32 Pennies” … 3:10
2. “Down Boys” … 4:05
3. “Big Talk” … 3:44
4. “Sometimes She Cries” … 4:45
5. “So Damn Pretty (Should Be Against the Law)” … 3:33
6. “D.R.F.S.R.” … 3:19
7. “In the Sticks” … 4:06
8. “Heaven” … 3:57
9. “Ridin’ High” … 3:07
10. “Cold Sweat” … 3:33
11. “Only a Man” (demo) … 4:22
12. “All Night Long” (demo) … 2:42

Jani Lane – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Joey Allen – Guitar
Erik Turner – Guitar
Jerry Dixon – Bass
Steven Sweet – Drums

Additional musicians
Beau Hill – Keyboard, Backing Vocals
Bekka Bramlett – Backing Vocals

Produced by: Beau Hill

Pretty impressive debut from Warrant and I had forgotten how strong Jani’s voice was in the early Warrant days. It’s weird though, I was thinking this album came out earlier than ’89 (but to be fair it WAS January 1989).  The album went double platinum thanks to the #2 charting single “Heaven”. Definitely one of the greatest power ballads ever.

Most of the album is really strong, though a few songs are your basic filler: pleasant, but nothing that sticks with you. All of what I consider to be the album’s highlights I had already been familiar with for years, thanks to owning The Best of Warrant.

There’s some chaos swirling around the recording of this album. Number One is that all the music was recorded yet the album’s release date was delayed because Jani couldn’t put the vocals down because had a nervous breakdown after catching his girl in bed with one of his friends. Number Two, the rumor is neither Joey Allen nor Erik Turner played on the album and that it was ex-Streets guitarist Mike Slamer who put the work in.

The album was re-released in 2004 on Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings label (which simultaneously re-released Cherry Pie) featuring two bonus tracks.

Highlights: “32 Pennies”, “Down Boys”, “Big Talk”, “Sometimes She Cries”, “D.R.F.S.R.”, “Heaven”


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  1. Never realized that this was reissued in 2004. If you lived it in the late ’80s then you would know that one release was enough! Warrant is one of those bands that had a couple good tunes and got massive popularity on a gimmick (cherry pie anyone?). The debut isn’t bad…..’32 Pennies’, ‘Big Talk’, ‘Down Boys’, ‘Sometimes She Cries’, ‘Heaven’…..I just have this anti-Warrant thing.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

    • 😀

      Seems like Warrant is one of the few “hair bands” that not many people will stick up for anymore. I know a lot of people who are like “I love hair metal! Warrant sucks though.”

      • I will stick up for Warrant’s first two albums, haven’t given theri last ones a try, I think most people don’t stick up for these bands anymore because they have 1: matured and 2: are too embarassed to; but I am shameless so I will stick up for them

  2. Thats the right actitude Dr.Feelgood. Mature is overated. WARRANT and all those glory 80s bands are timeless.

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