EDGUY – Rocket Ride

Edguy – Rocket Ride (2006, Nuclear Blast Records)

1. “Sacrifice” … 8:01
2. “Rocket Ride” … 4:47
3. “Wasted Time” … 5:48
4. “Matrix” … 4:09
5. “Return to the Tribe” … 6:06
6. “The Asylum” … 7:38
7. “Save Me” … 3:47
8. “Catch of the Century” … 4:03
9. “Out of Vogue” … 4:36
10. “Superheroes” … 3:19
11. “Trinidad” … 3:28
12.”Fucking with Fire (Hair Force One)” … 4:22
13. “Land of the Miracle” [live] … 5:49

Tobias Sammet – Vocals
Jens Ludwig – Guitar
Dirk Sauer – Guitar
Tobias “Eggi” Exxel – Bass
Felix Bohnke – Drums

Produced by: Sascha Paeth

I can enjoy some power metal bands, but it’s not a favorite genre of mine because it all usually seems the same to me, musically and lyrically, but Edguy is definitely a power metal band that I love. Though some would argue that are really just a hard rock band these days and that billing started with this album (my first Edguy purchase).

Here’s proof that advertising works: I picked this one up at FYE shortly after it was released (I think it was only $11.99 or so) because the sticker on the shrink wrap said it was for fans of KISS, Scorpions and I think the third band was Judas Priest. Hey, I love those bands and the CD was fairly cheap, so I gave it a shot and I’m glad I did because this is one of the greatest albums I’ve ever heard.

As I would come to find out by buying their older material later, the album is a departure from their original power metal sound. It’s a bit more silly, slightly less metal and the 80s hard rock vibe is strong… and obvious at times when it comes to songs like “Fucking with Fire (Hair Force Once)”.

The album doesn’t take itself too seriously, but sometimes it treads on being TOO goofy like with “Trinidad”, which is catchy, but almost sounds like a song you might hear in a Disney movie like Lion King, if not for the lyrics.

Tons of older Edguy fans have turned their back on the band starting with this album, but the band has at least gained me as a fan. I love the direction the band took with this album and continued with Tinnitus Sanctus. This is definitely an album I return to over and over again.

“Land of the Miracle”, from their 1999 album Theater of Salvation, is a “bonus” live track from a show in Brazil. It’s a great performance and the crowd energy really adds to it.

Highlights: “Sacrifice”, “Rocket Ride”, “Wasted Time”, “Matrix”, “The Asylum”, “Save Me”, “Superheroes”, “Trinidad”, “Fucking with Fire (Hair Force One)”, “Land of the Miracle” [live]


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