Theory of a Deadman – Gasoline (2005, Roadrunner Records)

1. “Hating Hollywood” … 3:25
2. “No Way Out” … 3:29
3. “No Surprise” … 3:40
4. “Quiver” … 2:51
5. “Santa Monica” … 4:06
6. “Better Off” … 2:51
7. “Say Goodbye” … 3:04
8. “Hello Lonely (Walk Away from This)” … 4:21
9. “Me & My Girl” … 3:40
10. “Since You’ve Been Gone” … 4:18
11. “Hell Just Ain’t the Same” … 1:05
12. “Save the Best for Last” … 4:15
13. “In the Middle” … 3:36

Tyler Connolly – Vocals, Guitar
Dave Brenner – Guitar
Dean Back – Bass
Brent Fitz – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Larry Corbett – Cello
Daniel Adair – Drums
Robin Diaz – Drums
Howard Benson – Keyboard
Denyse Buffum – Viola
Berj Garabedian – Violin
Margaret Wooten – Violin

Produced by: Howard Benson

Theory of a Deadman (ToaD?) are very much the students of Nickelback. And why not? They’re on the same label, were discovered Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger and Kroeger co-wrote most of their first album with them, firmly setting the band on the path of “post-grunge” rock.

Despite being unimpressed by their debut, I gave this album a shot because of “No Surprise”, which is a tale of a woman doing a man wrong. Hey, we can ALL relate, can’t we? It’s definitely the catchiest song of the bunch. The rest of the album isn’t too bad, considering I find all of the modern hard rock bands to be extremely bland.

While I can pick a few songs off this album that I like, ToaD is basically a band for Nickelback fans.

Highlights: “No Surprise”, “Quiver”, “Santa Monica”, “Hello Lonely (Walk Away from This)”

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