3 INCHES OF BLOOD – Advance and Vanquish

3 Inches of Blood – Advance and Vanquish (2004, Roadrunner Records)

1. “Fear on the Bridge (Upon the Boiling Sea I)” … 3:14
2. “Deadly Sinners” … 4:31
3. “Revenge Is a Vulture” … 3:26
4. “Dominion of Deceit” … 4:18
5. “Premonition of Pain” … 4:35
6. “Lord of the Storm (Upon the Boiling Sea II)” … 5:05
7. “Wykydtron” … 3:52
8. “Swordmaster” … 4:24
9. “Axes of Evil” … 4:28
10. “Crazy Nights” … 3:18
11. “Destroy the Orcs” … 2:21
12. “The Phantom of the Crimson Cloak” … 3:11
13. “Isle of Eternal Despair (Upon the Boiling Sea III)” … 3:51

Cam Pipes – “Clean” Vocals
Jamie Hooper – “Screaming” Vocals
Sunny Dhak – Guitar
Bobby Froese – Guitar
Brian Redman – Bass
Matt Wood – Drums

Produced by: Neil Kernon

Okay, first, let me say this is a GREAT band. If you love 80s thrash/power/speed metal, this is a modern band keeping that style of music strong and well worth checking out.

BUT… I HATE HATE HATE the screaming. I think it’s a horrible style of “singing” and despite how much I love the music on Advance and Vanquish, I refuse to pick up another 3 Inches of Blood release until Jamie Hooper is given the boot. It ‘s just awful. Fortunately, he’s splits vocal duties with Cam Pipes, who provides a great falsetto voice in the style of King Diamond & Rob Halford, but every time Hooper opens his mouth, the moment is ruined. “Dominion of Deceit” is one of the worst songs on the album because it features Hooper so heavily.

I know there’s a market for screaming metal, but I ain’t buyin’ it.

Highlights: “Deadly Sinners”, “Revenge Is a Vulture”, “Axes of Evil”, “Crazy Nights”, “Destroy the Orcs”


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  1. I don’t like the screaming/harsh vocals either but it’s solid Metal through and through. I waited on this album until I bought their third, FIRE UP THE BLADES, because I thought that all the praise made them trendy. I didn’t want another Mudvayne or Slipknot situation. I really like 3 Inches Of Blood now even though the screaming is a bit much.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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