Great White – Rising (2009, Shrapnel Records)

1. “Situation”
2. “All Or Nothin’”
3. “Don’t Mind”
4. “Shine”
5. “Loveless”
6. “Is It Enough”
7. “Last Chance”
8. “Danger Zone”
9. “Down On The Level”
10. “Only You Can Do”
11. “My Sanctuary”
12. “Let’s Spend The Night Together”

Jack Russell – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Mark Kendall – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Michael Lardie – Guitar, Keyboard, Mandolin, Sitar, Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Scott Snyder – Bass, Backing Vocals
Audie Desbrow – Drums

Produced by: Michael Lardie

I had heard some rumblings that this album was fairly mellow and thus was disappointing a number of fans. It’s true Rising is not much of a hard rocker, but it doesn’t disappoint me at all. It’s less like Back to the Rhythm and more like Can’t Get There From Here, which is just fine by me because I think that was a great release. You have to face it though, Great White was *never* a heavy band to begin with, they’ve usually produce laid-back melodic rock albums and this one is just another in a long line of them.

There’s not a bad song on this album. This album is enjoyable all the way through and seems like the perfect to release as the weather is getting warmer. The first five tracks are the album’s best and upon first listening to them, I was getting blown away track after track. I’ve always loved Jack Russell’s voice and it hasn’t faltered after all these years. Maybe Jimmy Page should give him a call to get that “We’re Not Led Zeppelin” tour off the ground? =)

Great White just seems to be getting better and better with age. In fact, their last three albums are their best, I think. I expected Rising to be a decent album, but I didn’t expect it to be this good. I can’t imagine this album *not* making my Top 10 for the year.

I also want to point out how cool the album art is. Great White usually has some wonderful artwork, but I’d put this cover right up at the top alongside Can’t Get There From Here‘s Lisa Frank-esque cover.

I ended up ordering this album online after not being able to find it around town. I wasn’t surprised I couldn’t find it, but I’m pretty sure I picked up Back to the Rhythm in town when that was released. The very same day my copy arrived in the mail, I found out Walmart had been carrying it all along! D’oh!

Highlights: “Situation”, “All Or Nothin'”, “Don’t Mind”, “Shine”, “Loveless”, “Down On The Level”, “Only You Can Do”


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  1. Wow! Hefty praise indeed. I never thought of Great White as anything but a bad Zepplin cover band who happened to have the good enough taste to cover a few Angels tracks (“Face the Day.”) I may need to check this one out.

  2. What a jerk! Haha. I just reviewed this. Check out my first paragraph:

    I’ve heard a lot of rumblings about Rising over the past few weeks. (One thing I hate is when people get online and piss and moan about an album they downloaded/stole. Just shut up until you’ve sacrificed a little hard-earned cash.) The main complaint has been that it’s not very rockin’, too mellow. To which I ask: when the hell has Great White been anything but that? They’ve had their moments, of course, especially on the first few albums. In general, though, all their albums have mixed in those mid-paced bluesy rockers with ballads and slower numbers. Rising is no different.


  3. Great minds think alike!

    Seriously, dude, what happened with you and No Life ‘Til Metal? You were one of my favorite posters.

  4. The witch hunt was about to begin; people were gathering their torches and pitchforks. I was being too vocal with my displeasure on how things were going, how the general vibe of the forum was becoming cliquey and negative. Those that were steering the forum that way got super-defensive and began to gang up. It was subtle, but it was happening. And they continue to take childish jabs at me, blaming me for the bad vibes and stuff. Pffft!

    Yeah, I was part of the problem, and that’s why it bugged me. Being that way (negative, sarcastic, making fun of others) is contagious. I hated it. However, I sure as hell wasn’t leading the charge. The fact that some continue to insult me when I’m not even a member there tells you how logical it is to blame me for the negativity. Sad, too, because I genuinely liked most everyone there, even those who still trash me. Oh well.

    You should join us over at the Shock Totem forum ( You’ll recognize some people. I was going to ask you, too. You interested in writing some reviews for us?

  5. I reviewed this one too (

    I thought it was too mellow and not as rockin’ as BACK TO THE RHYTHM, a grower for me and a change of pace. I wish they would have built on BACK TO THE RHYTHM, that was one of the best albums of 2007!

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  6. Hey buddy, THE is one of the best albums of THIS year! >=(

    BACK TO THE RHYTHM was indeed a hard rocker, but I think this one falls in line with the rest of their catalog.

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