DOKKEN – Tooth And Nail

Dokken – Tooth And Nail (1984, Elektra Records)

1. “Without Warning” … 1:35
2. “Tooth and Nail” … 3:40
3. “Just Got Lucky” … 4:35
4. “Heartless Heart” … 3:29
5. “Don’t Close Your Eyes” … 4:10
6. “When Heaven Comes Down” … 3:45
7. “Into the Fire” … 4:30
8. “Bullets to Spare” … 3:35
9. “Alone Again” … 4:20
10. “Turn on the Action” … 4:43

Don Dokken – Lead Vocals, Guitar
George Lynch – Guitar
Jeff Pilson – Bass, Backing Vocals
Mick Brown – Drums, Backing Vocals

Produced by: Roy Thomas Baker & Tom Werman

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I just don’t “get” Dokken. I guess I like my hair metal bands with a little more flash. This was the band’s breakthrough release, going platinum, but it’s nothing special, in my eyes. There are a few songs that are decent, but nothing worth going out of your way for.

I was never really impressed with the Dokken songs I had heard over the years, but I had never owned an album, so I picked this one up after lots of recommendations. I found that my hunches were correct. It’s a wonder I even bothered to try again with 2008’s Lightning Strikes Again.

I know Dokken and this album are considered “classics” in the pop metal circles, but they aren’t for me.

Highlights: “Just Got Lucky”, “Into the Fire”, “Bullets to Spare”, “Alone Again”

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  1. 1984 was such a great year for Metal music!

    Dokken had made waves with BREAKING THE CHAINS in ’83 but they actually hit it big with this album and four singles: ‘Tooth & Nail’, ‘Just Got Lucky’, ‘Into the Fire’ and ‘Alone Again’. None of them were chart busting hits but they did get played a lot on Rock radio and MTV, especially ‘Alone Again’. I love this whole record!

    If you like the Pop Metal/MTV hair era, try the next Dokken album UNDER LOCK AND KEY…..that sounds real slick but that album made Dokken a multi-platinum band.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  2. DOKKEN IS REUNITING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nope…not today…not ever…George is totally giving up on Don. George dose not need him anyway. I love what Dokken has done. HUGE fan. But George has moved on. As he should.

  3. Tooth and Nail had great songs, but the sound quality was horrible. It was produced by Tom Werman and Roy Thomas Baker. If you listen carefully to some of the drum sounds on this album, they actually sound distorted. I mean no disresoect to Tom Werman, but this album sounded worse than the Breaking the Chains album. Paris is Burning, which was on the first akbum, sounded better than any sing off of Tooth and Nail. However, the songs were awesome and they deserved beteer production in sound quality. In my opinion, the best Dokken album was Back for the Attack.

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