MR. BIG – Lean Into It

Mr. Big – Lean Into It (1991, Atlantic Records)

1. “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)” …3:54
2. “Alive and Kickin'” … 5:28
3. “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind” … 3:30
4. “CDFF-Lucky This Time” … 4:10
5. “Voodoo Kiss” … 4:07
6. “Never Say Never” … 3:48
7. “Just Take My Heart” … 4:21
8. “My Kinda Woman” … 4:09
9. “A Little to Loose” … 5:21
10. “Road to Ruin” … 3:54
11. “To Be With You” … 3:27

Eric Martin – Vocals
Paul Gilbert – Guitar
Billy Sheehan – Bass
Pat Torpey – Drums

Produced by: Kevin Elson

It’s funny to look at who is a member of this band and then actually listen to them. Not really what you’d expect from guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert and bassist extraordinaire Billy Sheehan. Gilbert, of course, received attention in the rock & metal world for his shredding work in the band Racer X. Sheehan (who has been called “the Eddie Van Halen of bass guitar”) was in Talas and then later came into recognition during a stint as a member of David Lee Roth’s band, playing on Eat’em and Smile and Skyscraper.

Putting aside technical their abilities, Mr. Big put forth a slick, ready radio melodic rock song and it paid off: “To Be With You” was one of the bigger hits of 1991 (sitting at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 3 weeks) and just “Take My Heart” was another mainstream success for the band as well, propelling Lean Into It to platinum status here in the States.

This isn’t an album I listen to much. “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind”, “Just Take My Heart” (which actually starts out with some Van Halen-esque picking) and “To Be With You” are great pop/rock songs, and I guess you could even say this is a really strong pop/rock album, but I usually go for something with a little more edge. This album and band are definitely tamed and polished for maximum mainstream interest. Not a bad thing, but not something I want to constantly listen to and it’s why this is the only Mr. Big album I’ve ever owned.

Highlights: “Daddy, Brother, Love, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)”, “Alive and Kickin'”, “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind”, “Never Say Never”, “Just Take My Heart”, “To Be With You”


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  1. I liked their first album better, probably because of ‘Addicted To That Rush’. This was a “chick album” in my crowd because all the girls would swoon over ‘To Be With You’… wife still gets all sentimental when she hears this song! The good thing for me is that the song is last and I can enjoy the rest of the album in a row without hitting the button.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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