L.A. GUNS – Cocked & Loaded

L.A. Guns – Cocked & Loaded (1989, Vertigo Records/Polydor Records)

1. “Letting Go” … 1:22
2. “Slap in the Face” … 3:54
3. “Rip and Tear” … 4:11
4. “Sleazy Come Easy Go” … 4:01
5. “Never Enough” … 4:10
6. “Malaria” … 5:22
7. “The Ballad of Jayne” … 4:30
8. “Magdalaine” … 6:05
9. “Give a Little” … 3:29
10. “I’m Addicted” … 1:51
11. “17 Crash” … 3:39
12. “Showdown (Riot on Sunset)” … 3:18
13. “Wheels of Fire” … 4:56
14. “I Wanna Be Your Man” … 3:36

Phil Lewis – Vocals
Tracii Guns – Guitar
Mick Cripps – Guitar
Kelly Nickels – Bass
Steve Riley – Drums

Produced by: Tom Werman, Duane Baron, John Purdell

Another great find in the used CD section during my late-90s rummaging for any and all hair band CDs. I picked this one up at Turtles Music/Wherehouse Music. They had a decent used section, but were even more of a ripoff than a major chain like FYE when it came to new releases (or even older releases).

Anyway, this is an essential album for any hair metal fans. It’s arguably L.A. Guns’ best with all the right amounts of swagger, attitude, and a cool loose rock ‘n’ roll feel that combines Guns ‘N Roses and Motley Crue. This is the kinda album you wanna hear playing while sitting in a smoke-filled tattoo parlor getting inked up at 1AM by a hot busty chick.

The initial hook for me with this album was “The Ballad of Jayne”. I’m a huge sucker for hair ballads and this is one of the best. “Never Enough” is another great song and one of my favorites from the Guns.

“I Wanna Be Your Man” was bonus track for the CD version of the album.

Highlights: “Rip and Tear”, “Never Enough”, “Malaria”, “The Ballad of Jayne”, “Magdalaine”, “Give a Little”

www.laguns.net (Phil Lewis’ version, AKA – “the real one”)

www.lagunslive.com (Tracii Guns’ version)

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  1. L.A. Guns were huge here in RI right from the start on their first self-titled record from ’88 but when ‘The Ballad Of Jayne’ came out in ’89/’90 they were big time. I remember this album being one of the soundtracks to my senior year in high school…..a lot of good memories!

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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