Major KISS announcement today at 3PM

I’m guessing (and hoping) this announcement is U.S. tour dates being announced for later in the year. C’mon, boys, put that new album out and come to Detroit! Head over to at 3PM for the big reveal.

Okay, so, um… The big announcement was a “fan-routed” tour. You have to go to Eventful and “Demand” to see KISS in your city. Yeah. THAT “Demand” widget that you see on an indie band’s MySpace page.

I guess Gene is playing it smart in this recession. Why go on the road if there is no “demand” for it? They didn’t announce a single date on their own or even give a time frame for this “fan-routed” tour. Lame. But oh well, I’m not really worried. I’m confident they’re gonna get close to or hit the major U.S. cities. Detroit, here we come!


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  1. “U.S. Tour dates”?
    How about a World Tour?

    Is that 3PM EST? I guess that’ll be about 5AM JST.

    BTW, are you from Detroit (Rock City)?
    I wrote a post about the Japanese movie “Detroit Metal City“…in which Gene Simmons has a cameo (and sings a song).
    Check here:

  2. Just so you know…I just added a link to your site on my blog.

  3. I don’t care about a world tour. As long as I get to see’em here in Detroit. 😛

    I’m not from Detroit, but I live close by in Lansing. I’m not even from Michigan.

  4. I’ve never heard of a “fan-routed” tour before!
    But, as you said, they’re obviously trying to play it safe to ensure they don’t lose money.

    Paul Stanley said it was a “United States tour“. 😦

  5. >As long as I get to see’em here

    So, it’ll be your first KISS concert, won’t it?
    You should definitely go then! (I’ve already been to a number of KISS concerts. So I guess it’s fair. 😉 )

  6. Yeah, it’ll be my first. I had tickets to see them in Pensacola, Florida, on the Rock the Nation tour but that show and Miami ending up getting canceled because Paul had heat exhaustion. 😦

  7. Well, that sucks.

    Didn’t they offer you tickets to a show in a different city instead?
    At least you got a refund, right?

    When I saw David Lee Roth on the Skyscraper tour in Florida, he was scheduled to perform at the arena on a Friday and the next day too.
    But both days each sold less than half the seats…so the Saturday show was canceled.
    I had tickets to the Saturday (canceled) show…but they announced that tickets for the Saturday show would be honored at Friday’s show.
    So I got to see the concert (Faster Pussycat was the opening act, as I mentioned in a comment on this post of yours: )

  8. Nope, no offer for another show, but yeah, we got a full refund.

    The ticket package I bought came with some vouchers to KISS’ online store and an issue of that quarterly KISS magazine. The vouchers were mine to keep and I ended up getting a free KISS shirt because of’em. 🙂

  9. That’s good then.

    Did you get the T-shirt of the canceled show? (That might become valuable!)

  10. Yeah, I got that tour’s t-shirt, but the Pensacola show was a late add-on, so it never made the shirt. 😦

  11. BTW, I wrote a post about my favorite 20 albums. Please feel free to comment with your opinion.

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