FASTER PUSSYCAT – Wake Me When It’s Over

Faster Pussycat – Wake Me When It’s Over (1989, Elektra Records)

1. “Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way”
2. “Little Dove”
3. “Poison Ivy”
4. “House of Pain”
5. “Gonna Walk”
6. “Pulling Weeds”
7. “Slip of the Tongue”
8. “Cryin’ Shame”
9. “Tattoo”
10. “Ain’t No Way Around It”
11. “Arizona Indian Doll”
12. “Please Dear”

Taime Downe – Vocals
Greg Steele – Guitar, Piano, Backing Vocals
Brent Muscat – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Eric Stacy – Bass
Mark Michals-  Drums

Produced by: John Jansen

Faster Pussycat is a band that I don’t think gets enough credit. I feel pretty bad for them after reading Slash’s autobiography and how low of an opinion GNR had of them. In the lineup of Aerosmith/Rolling Stones influenced bands from the Strip, there’s Guns ‘N Roses, then L.A. Guns, then Faster Pussycat. FP was more glam and less dangerous than both Guns groups, but still had a really great strong Aerosmith bluesy rock ‘n’ roll sound.

This release is way better than their self-titled debut. The band starts to branch out a bit with songs like “Arizona Indian Doll” and “Poison Ivy” (which has a bit of a swing music vibe to it). They songs are definitely much more catchy. “Poison Ivy” and “House of Pain” (one of the best power ballads around) were the first two songs that exposed me to Faster Pussycat and they remain my favorite from them.

One of my favorite albums from the hair metal days.

Highlights: “Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way”, “Little Dove”, “Poison Ivy”, “House of Pain”, “Gonna Walk”, “Pulling Weeds”, “Slip of the Tongue”, “Please Dear”


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  1. When I saw David Lee Roth‘s Skyscraper Tour concert, Faster Pussycat was the opening act. They were promoting their first album.

    I agree that Faster Pussycat is underrated…but G’NR and L.A. Guns are both much better. (I saw those two bands in concert too. G’NR at the Tokyo Dome on the Use Your Illusion tour and L.A. Guns in Yokohama for the Hollywood Vampires tour.

  2. Oh yeah, both GUNs are definitely better. Not disputing that! 😉

    I just think people throw dirt on FP way too much.

  3. Have you heard Hardcore Superstar?
    They’re the same genre. I like their debut album better than Faster Pussycat…but it has similarities, I think.

  4. I’ve heard their latest album. I like it.

  5. I haven’t heard any Hardcore Superstar except their debut album.
    I like the song GTO (but I think that it’s a “Bonus Track for Japan”).

  6. Faster Pussycat weren’t really big in my area back in ’89 when this came out and I never got into them. I like ‘Poison Ivy’ and I remember all the chicks dug ‘House Of Pain’ but I never really got into the band. Looking at my list it seems I have most of their albums so I might have to dig them out and give a fresh listen.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  7. This is definitely their best, but Whipped is really cool too and sometimes has a RHCP vibe to it.

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