RATT – Reach for the Sky

Ratt – Reach for the Sky (1988, Atlantic Records)

1. “City to City” … 3:31
2. “I Want a Woman” … 3:59
3. “Way Cool Jr.” … 4:27
4. “Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds” … 3:09
5. “I Want to Love You Tonight” … 4:27
6. “Chain Reaction” … 3:43
7. “No Surprise” … 4:03
8. “Bottom Line” … 4:23
9. “What’s It Gonna Be” … 4:07
10. “What I’m After” … 3:36

Stephen Pearcy – Vocals
Warren DeMartini – Guitar
Robbin Crosby – Guitar
Juan Croucier – Bass
Bobby Blotzer – Drums

Produced by: Beau Hill and Mike Stone

This was the final album from Ratt’s original run that I picked up. I ended up ordering it online years ago during a CD splurge, and the main reason it took me so long to track it down is because of the poor reviews the album has received. Those reviews were pretty right on because Reach for the Sky is by far the weakest Ratt effort… Well, until their 1999 self-titled “comeback” album that is.

Here, we see the band continues to opt for an even more commercial poppy sound that was started with Dancing Undercover. The edge is gone on this album and Ratt as ventures into by-the-numbers pop metal, which didn’t really make sense because Dancing Undercover didn’t sell as well as the first two albums, so why bother to continue going in the same direction?

Though there’s a lot of uninspired songs here, nothing gets close to being terrible, it’s just generic. The best songs from this album don’t stand up to the rest of Ratt’s catalog. Fortunately, producer Beau Hill (who I usually like, but I think he stuck around with Ratt for way too long) would *not* produced the next album…


Highlights: “City to City”, “I Want a Woman”, “Way Cool Jr.”, “I Want to Love You Tonight”, “What’s It Gonna Be”


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