RATT – Dancing Undercover

Ratt – Dancing Undercover (1986, Atlantic Records)

1. “Dance” … 4:17
2. “One Good Lover” … 3:06
3. “Drive Me Crazy” … 3:42
4. “Slip of the Lip” … 3:15
5. “Body Talk” … 3:44
6. “Looking for Love” … 3:09
7. “7th Avenue” … 3:11
8. “It Doesn’t Matter” … 3:08
9. “Take a Chance” … 4:00
10. “Enough Is Enough” … 3:23

Stephen Pearcy: Vocals
Warren DeMartini: Guitar
Robbin Crosby: Guitar
Juan Croucier: Bass
Bobby Blotzer: Drums

Produced by: Beau Hill

The band’s third release in three years, and fourth in four years if you wanna count 1983’s Ratt EP. By this point, the band was going sounding slicker and more polished, to keep up with the new wave of pop metal bands, and still had Beau Hill at the helm as producer. But it’s still another solid release of catchy pop metal though the guitars don’t get much of a chance to shine that I’ll pull out every now and then. Even so, “Dance” and “Slip of the Lip” are pop metal gems.

Highlights: “Dance”, “One Good Lover”, “Drive Me Crazy”, “Slip of the Lip”, “Body Talk”


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  1. This isn’t exactly Ratt-related, but have you ever listened to the German band Edguy? Something tells me you might enjoy them.

  2. Odd, comment for a Ratt post ;), but yes, I love Edguy!

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