RATT – Invasion of Your Privacy

Ratt – Invasion of Your Privacy (1985, Atlantic Records)

1. “You’re in Love” … 3:12
2. “Never Use Love” … 3:54
3. “Lay It Down” … 3:23
4. “Give It All” … 3:19
5. “Closer to My Heart” … 4:30
6. “Between the Eyes” … 3:54
7. “What You Give Is What You Get” … 3:47
8. “Got Me on the Line” … 3:04
9. “You Should Know by Now” … 3:29
10. “Dangerous but Worth the Risk” … 3:30

Stephen Pearcy: Vocals
Warren DeMartini: Guitar
Robbin Crosby: Guitar
Juan Croucier: Bass
Bobby Blotzer: Drums

Produced by: Beau Hill

The great thing (or maybe not so great depending on your tastes) is that most Ratt albums sound the same. But like I said, it’s a good thing. Invasion of Your Privacy was an immediate follow-up to Out of the Cellar, and not surprisingly, Beau Hill returned to produce and you could easily scramble the tracks from both albums and it would still flow together just fine, though I w

Invasion of Your Privacy = Out of the Cellar II, though it’s not *as* consistent as Out of the Cellar was.

Even though the album played it safe, they came up with some of Ratt’s best songs: “Lay It Down” (another signature song alongside “Round and Round”) and “You’re In Love”.

Highlights: “You’re In Love”, “Never Use Love”, “Lay It Down”, “Give It All”, “You Should Know by Now”


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  1. thank for the info about the album. Look great! 🙂

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