RATT – Out of the Cellar

Ratt – Out of the Cellar (1984, Atlantic Records)

1. “Wanted Man” … 3:37
2. “You’re in Trouble” … 3:16
3. “Round and Round” … 4:22
4. “In Your Direction” … 3:30
5. “She Wants Money” … 3:04
6. “Lack of Communication” … 3:52
7. “Back for More” … 3:42
8. “The Morning After” … 3:30
9. “I’m Insane” … 2:54
10. “Scene of the Crime” … 4:54

Stephen Pearcy – Vocals
Warren DeMartini – Guitar
Robbin Crosby – Guitar
Juan Croucier – Bass
Bobby Blotzer – Drums

Produced by: Beau Hill

Ratt is one of my absolute favorite hair/pop metal bands and this album is a great example of why.

Stephen Pearcy’s voice gets knocked a lot, but I think it was and still is a great fit for a pop metal band like Ratt and the guitar work from DeMartini and Crosby cannot be denied.

This is probably Ratt’s best release, IMO, even though I like their other ones a lot too. The one-two punch of “Lack of Communication” and “Back for More” (my favorite Ratt song) really put this album over the top for me. Ratt rode the line between sounding sleazy and slick with ease and did a great job of it with Beau Hill producing (as he would do for a total of four Ratt albums).

“Round and Round” is the band’s best known song and it’s still good enough to be an album highlight, but by this point, I’m sick of it. It’s still all over radio, 80s rock compilations and VH1 Classic and has become one of the signature songs of the genre, but ENOUGH! I’ve heard that song enough to last me the rest of my life.

Highlights: “Wanted Man”, “You’re In Trouble”, “Round and Round”, “In Your Direction”, “Lack of Communication”, “Back for More”, “I’m Insane”, “Scene of the Crime”



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  1. I love the bar scene from “The Wrestler” when The Ram and Tomei sing “Round and Round” before coming to the conclusion that “the 90’s sucked.”

  2. Yeah, I heard they were in the movie. 🙂

  3. Ratt is not a heavy metal band. They’re just commercial pop-rock pigshit!. Give me Judas Priest and Iron Maiden anytime, anything thatcan bang a million heads !.

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