KISS – Dynasty

KISS – Dynasty [Remastered] (1997, Mercury Records)
Original Release: 1979, Casablanca Records

1. “I Was Made for Loving You” … 4:30
2. “2000 Man” … 4:55
3. “Sure Know Something” … 4:01
4. “Dirty Livin'” … 4:27
5. “Charisma” … 4:25
6. “Magic Touch” … 4:42
7. “Hard Times” … 3:31
8. “X-Ray Eyes” … 3:46
9. “Save Your Love” … 4:40

Paul Stanley – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Gene Simmons – Lead Vocals, Bass
Ace Frehley – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Peter Criss – Drums, Lead Vocals (Credited for whole album, but played only on “Dirty Livin'”)

Additional Musicians:
Anton Fig – Drums (Uncredited, Tracks 1-3, 5-9)
Vini Poncia – Keyboard, Backing Vocals

Produced by: Vini Poncia

KISS met the Phantom and on Dynasty, disco met KISS. I actually enjoy this album a lot. Maybe it’s because KISS is my favorite band and I’m able to see bad anything that might be considered “bad” by them.

“I Was Made For Lovin’ You” is one of my favorite KISS songs but I’m not a fan of this version. The first time I ever heard it was on Alive III, where the energy level for the song is a lot higher than what was given here. “Dirty Livin'” is classic Peter.

Honestly, I don’t have much more to say about this album. It’s not a classic, but it has charm, though I could see where maybe it’s best left to the hardcore KISS fans.

Highlights: “I Was Made for Loving You”, “Sure Know Something”, “Dirty Livin'”, “Magic Touch”

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  1. The Demon is my favorite member of KISS.
    On this album, I think “X-Ray Eyes” and “Charisma” are the best songs. (“Save Your Love” is one of Ace’s best songs, I think).

    I had the poster that came with this LP on my wall when I was 10 years old. It frightened my younger sister…so one day she ripped it up! 😦

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