AEROSMITH – Just Push Play

Aerosmith – Just Push Play (2001, Columbia Records)

Track List:
1. “Beyond Beautiful” …  4:45
2.”Just Push Play” … 3:51
3. “Jaded” … 3:34
4. “Fly Away from Here” … 5:01
5.”Trip Hoppin'” … 4:27
6. “Sunshine” … 3:37
7. “Under My Skin” … 3:45
8. “Luv Lies” … 4:26
9. “Outta Your Head” … 3:22
10. “Drop Dead Gorgeous” … 3:42
11. “Light Inside” … 3:34
12. “Avant Garden” … 4:52

Steven Tyler – Vocals, Harmonica, Piano, Guitar, Drums
Joe Perry – Guitar, Vocals
Brad Whitford – Guitar
Tom Hamilton – Bass
Joey Kramer – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Tony Perry – Guitar, Pedal Steel, Backing Vocals, Hurdygurdy, Slide Guitar
Jim Cox – Piano
Dan Higgins – Clarinet, Saxophone
Paul Santo – Hammond Organ, Kurzweil Synthesizer
Tower of Power – Horns
Liv Tyler – Whispering
Chelsea Tyler – Backing vocals

Produced by: Marti Frederiksen, Mark Hudson, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler

Coming four years after Nine Lives, Aerosmith continues the slick pop-polished commercial hard rock they started with 1987’s Permanent Vacation. Not that commercial Aerosmith isn’t good, they’ve knocked out some great songs since the late 80s, but I’ve always wanted them to get their 1970s hard rock edge back and songs like “Trip Hoppin'” and “Sunshine” definitely don’t have that edge.

Given years of perspective, Just Push Play is actually a decent album, but nothing great. I remember being really disappointed with it when it first came out though. It’s a better effort than Nine Lives, but the band tries to sound way too modern, in terms of production on songs like “Beyond Beautiful”, “Just Push Play” and the megahit “Jaded” and it definitely takes the bite out of the album, even if the songs are catchy. “Under My Skin” shows a bit of old school Aerosmith, but also uses the commercial sound of the band as well. Then there’s “Outta Your Head”, which kinda sounds like rap-metal in parts. Huh.

Hey, I’m not really knocking these songs. Like I said, they’re enjoyable, but way too slick. It’s time for Aerosmith to get back to their dirty rock ‘n’ roll roots.

Oh, and there’s a “hidden” reprise for “Avant Garden” at about the 5:30 mark.

Highlights: “Beyond Beautiful”, “Just Push Play”, “Jaded”, “Fly Away from Here”, “Luv Lies”, “Outta Your Head”, “Drop Dead Gorgeous”


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