GREAT WHITE – Once Bitten…

Great White – Once Bitten… (1987, Capitol Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Lady Red Light” … 4:53
2. “Gonna Getcha” … 4:13
3. “Rock Me” … 7:19
4. “All Over Now” … 4:21
5. “Mistreater” … 5:49
6. “Never Change Heart” … 4:27
7. “Fast Road” … 3:40
8. “On The Edge” … 6:01
9. “Save Your Love” … 5:46

Jack Russell — Vocals
Mark Kendall — Guitar
Michael Lardie — Guitar, Keyboard
Audie Desbrow — Drums
Lorne Black — Bass

Produced by: Alan Niven, Michael Lardie and Mark Kendall

The first Great White album I owned was Can’t Get There From Here, but of course I had to step back in time and pick this one up years ago. Great White has never been flashy, just solid blues-influenced hard rock and Jack Russell has always been one of my favorite vocalists, so they deliver in their typical style here.

The album is definitely a must own though for “Rock Me” and “Save Your Love” (which are my two favorite Great White songs).

I have to say, I absolutely hate this cover. It (and the girl) look really cheap, she’s not very cute.

Highlights: “Lady Red Light”, “Gonna Getcha”, “Rock Me”, “All Over Now”, “Save Your Love”


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  1. greetings from south korea, i found your blog from fuelmyblog:)

    Great white is definitely one of my favorites as well, and my band is considering to cover Lady Red Light. I like how great white’s exactly in middle of gnr and led zeppelin?

    thanks for sharing the review, i’m planning to write some on my own later in my blog too.

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