THE 69 EYES – Angels

The 69 Eyes – Angels (2007, EMI/Caroline Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Angels” … 3:59
2. “Never Say Die” … 3:29
3. “Rocker” … 3:39
4. “Ghost” … 4:17
5. “Perfect Skin” … 3:45
6. “Wings & Hearts” … 5:05
7. “Star Of Fate” … 4:50
8. “Los Angeles” … 3:48
9. “In My Name” … 3:36
10. “Shadow Of Your Love” … 3:43
11. “Frankenhooker” … 4:03
12. “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams” … 4:32

Jyrki 69 – Lead Vocals
Timo-Timo – Guitar
Bazie – Guitar
Archzie – Bass, Vocals
Jussi 69 – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Johnny Lee Michaels – Keyboard

Produced by: Hiili Hiilesmaa

I wasn’t aware of this band until browsing thru Best Buy’s sad music section and this album cover (along with their Devils album cover) popped out at me. The band looked pretty cool, but there was a lot of sticker hype on the wrapping talking about goth metal and such and while some of that music is okay, listening to a whole album becomes tiresome. So I didn’t bother picking either up (if only Best Buy had listening stations…).

Eventually, I got around to checking their MySpace page and loved some of the songs on there from this album. “Perfect Skin” is a really catchy song, so catchy I’m surprised it wasn’t at least a minor hit here in the States. “Never Say Die” would by my second favorite song, but it’s a bit comical because Jryki 69 has that Danzig/Peter Steele/Dracula kinda voice going, so it’s hard to take too seriously sometimes.

My girl even commented that “he sounds like it’s Halloween or something”. She likes the music, but doesn’t like his voice, and from reading reviews of the band, apparently many others feel the same. I really don’t mind it too much, I think the songs would probably sound better with someone who wails like a hair metal front man, but at least its unique and not something you hear everyday. That is, unless you listen to The Misfits, Danzig, “Monster Mash”, and Type O Negative everyday!

Overall, I really like this album. It’s really catchy and not so over dramatic as many goth acts can be.

“Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams” is a re-recorded version of their song from their 1997 album of the same name. I think it’s a U.S. release exclusive.

Fun Fact: The 69 Eyes were originally a glam metal act, before converting to goth metal in the late 90s, though they are self-described as “goth ‘n’ roll”. Which, I agree with somewhat, they are harder and have more of a rock ‘n’ roll spirit than most goth bands I’ve listened to (obviously owing this to their glam metal past).

Highlights: “Never Say Die”, “Rocker”, “Ghost”, “Perfect Skin”, “Wings & Hearts”, “In My Name”, “Shadow of Your Love”, “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams”

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