SALIVA – Cinco Diablo

Saliva – Cinco Diablo (2008, Island Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Family Reunion” … 3:39
2. “My Own Worst Enemy” … 3:07
3. “Best of Me” … 3:48
4. “How Could You” … 3:23
5. “Hunt You Down” … 3:36
6. “Judgment Day” … 4:34
7. “Forever and a Day” … 3:28
8. “I’m Coming Back ” … 3:50
9. “Southern Girls” … 3:31
10. “So Long” … 4:46

Josey Scott – Vocals
Wayne Swinny – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jonathan Montoya – Guitar
Dave Novotny – Bass
Paul Crosby – Drums

Produced by: Bob Marlette

Well, Saliva finally did it. After 7 years of delivering decent singles, but no albums to back them up, Saliva puts out their best effort yet. Funny thing is, this album has been a complete bomb, not even breaking the Billboard Top 100 in the first week of release. Ouch. And to think, their last album (release in 2007) debuted at #20. The public can be so fickle.

The band branches out a bit on this album, if only by trying to sound similar to other bands (and themselves): “Forever and a Day” is a modern day power ballad, “So Long” reminds me a lot of Coldplay’s “Clocks” and “Judgment Day” kicks off sounding like their very own “Ladies and Gentlemen” and “I’m Coming Back” reminds me a of mix of P.O.D. and Breaking Benjamin. “Southern Girls” is my favorite song off this album, it’s a great southern rock tune and should be played in strip clubs all across the South.

“Hunt You Down” is obviously a WWE-intended song. The band has licensed so many of their songs to World Wrestling Entertainment over the years, reading the lyrics of this song it seems obvious they just went ahead and wrote something specifically for them. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this as the theme song to one of their many pay-per-views.

Maybe it was lowered expectations, or even the lowered price (I bought it at one of the closing Circuit City stores) that has allowed me to appreciate this album, but nah…. It’s a really strong release and much like Hinder’s Take It to the Limit this probably would have been a Top 10 release for me had I actually heard it in 2008. I think Saliva has won my respect once again.

Highlights: “My Own Worst Enemy”, “Best of Me”, “How Could You?”, “Hunt You Down”, “Forever and a Day”, “Southern Girls”, “So Long”

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  1. As I see it, this album really rocks. I have always appreciated the music of Saliva. I predict this album will gradually sell a whole lot more once late Spring and Summer kicks in. This release by Saliva may very well become a late bloomer for them, heck, it has happened before in “record” sales. If I am wrong with my prediction, oh well, Hard Rock & Metal does not need chart positioning to exist anyway!

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