Chicks With Guns – On Your Mind EP (2008, Red Pulse Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Love At First Sight” … 3:14
2. “Bullshit Boulevard” … 3:32
3. “On Your Mind” … 4:39
4. “Love Is A Game” … 3:21

Karl-Willhelm Arvidsson – Vocals, Guitar
Teddy Skoglund – Guitar
Kristoffer Johnsson – Bass
Linus Fritzon – Drums

Chicks With Guns are another sleaze/glam act from Sweden. The band formed in 2006 and offered up this EP in December of 2008. Though short (it is an EP afterall), Chicks With Guns leave a lasting impression of sleaze, attittude, debauchery, great choruses and just an all around around fun rock ‘n’ roll vibe. I’m really interested in seeing these guys give us a full release because out of the many modern sleaze acts, On Your Mind is one of the best releases I’ve heard.

“On Your Mind” would be my favorite track here and it comes across very much like L.A. Guns, “Love At First Sight” is a close 2nd fave and I can’t complain about “Bullshit Boulevard” or “Love Is A Game” either! All in all, this is an EP that shows a band with a lot of talent and potential. Well worth looking into the Sunset Strip sound is your scene.

Highlight: The whole EP!

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