THE UNION UNDERGROUND – …An Education in Rebellion

The Union Underground – …An Education in Rebellion (2000, Columbia Records/Portrait Records)

Track Listing:
1. “An Education In Rebellion” [Instrumental] … 1:08
2. “Drivel” … 2:55
3. “South Texas Deathride” … 3:24
4. “Turn Me On ‘Mr. Deadman'” … 2:39
5. “Until You Crack” … 3:28
6. “Killing The Fly” … 3:45
7. “Natural High” … 3:26
8. “Revolution Man” … 3:40
9. “Trip With Jesus” … 3:26
10. “Bitter” … 3:53
11. “The Friend Song” … 2:24

Bryan Scott – Vocals
Patrick Kennison – Guitar
John Moyer – Bass
Josh Memelo – Drums

Produced by: Bryan Scott, Don Gilmore, Ulrich Wild

The Union Underground were one of two new acts (Mars Electric being the other) that were signed to the revitalized Portrait Records in the late 90s. The John Kalodner-led Portait was mostly set up as a haven for 80s rock & metal acts, in an attempt to copy the success Kalodner had with turning Aerosmith from a tired 70s act to a popular act back again in the 80s.

I LOVE this album. “Turn Me On ‘Mr. Deadman'” was a minor hit and hooked me enough during my experimental phase to give this new band a shot. The truth is, the album still holds up. It’s extremely catchy nu metal/industrial metal. It stays melodic and never crosses too much over into the typical cold industrial sound.

It’s a very dark album though and the use of drugs is commonly mentioned, so it’s not a “feel good” album and I have to be in a special mood to want to hear it.

Sadly, the band didn’t do much after this album (which just fell short of going Gold). They put out a live album after this but, oddly, their most well-known song is probably “Across the Nation”, which was used as the theme song to WWE RAW for a few years and was released on a WWE compilation album.

John Moyer now plays bass for Disturbed.

Highlights: Can’t pick just one, it’s all very good. (pretty sure this was their official MySpace page, hasn’t been updated in a few years)

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  1. I totally agree, I really dug the album too when it came out. Miss these guys.

  2. Ha ha. Agreed. Underrated album. Some people treat this band as a joke and I feel that’s pretty unfair. Revolution Man is an absolute tune.

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