THE DARKNESS – One Way Ticket to Hell… and Back

The Darkness – One Way Ticket to Hell… and Back (2005, Atlantic Records)

Track Listing:

1. “One Way Ticket” … 4:28
2. “Knockers” … 2:45
3. “Is It Just Me?” … 3:07
4. “Dinner Lady Arms” … 3:18
5. “Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time” … 3:46
6. “Hazel Eyes” … 3:27
7. “Bald” … 5:33
8. “Girlfriend” … 2:35
9. “English Country Garden” … 3:08
10. “Blind Man” … 3:25

Justin Hawkins – Vocals, Guitar, Sitar, Piano, Hammond, Mini-moog, Synthesizers
Dan Hawkins – Guitar, Bass, Marching Drum, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Richie Edwards – Bass, Backing Vocals
Ed Graham – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Stuart Cassells – Bagpipes

Produced by: Roy Thomas Baker

Though Permission to Land is the more successful and better reviewed album, I actually think this is The Darkness’ best moment. The album lacks the heavy crunch of Permission to Land and replaces it with a lush, slick & polished sound backed by all kinds of musical instruments… and this is actually an improvement. I love it.

Though the formula has been polished, the band hasn’t lost their sense of humor. “Bald” is quite the hard rocker, one of the best rock songs of the decade, in my honest opinion, and it’s about, guess what? Going bald! “Knockers” and “Girlfriend” also showcase the silliness of the band.

Truly, a low down dirty shame this album went unnoticed because it has some great moments and the band was really onto something incredible. Of course, the parody became too real as Justin Hawkins entered rehab and the band eventually broke up after initially deciding on replacing Justin. Hopefully the Hawkins brothers can reunite and we can get that third Darkness album.

It must’ve been a dream come true for the Queen-influenced band to get Roy Thomas Baker to produce.

Highlights: “One Way Ticket”, “Knockers”, “Is It Just Me?”, “Dinner Lady Arms”, “Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time”, “Bald”, “Girlfriend” (Justin Hawkins’ band) (Dan Hawkins’ band)


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  1. Yeah – I liked this one as well. I still think the title track is one of their best songs, up along Love On The Rocks With No Ice off the first album. The bits I tired of quickly on this album though were the later “poppy” singles. Both “Girlfriend” and “Is It Just Me?” were disposable songs that I thought very weak up against the amusing lyrics in “Knockers”, “Bald” and “English Country Garden”. You have convinced me that its about time I pulled the LP (yep – I bought the vinyl version… God Bless Em for releasing a vinyl issue) off the shelves again!

  2. Ha, glad I could entice you to check it out again!

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