L.A. GUNS – Waking the Dead

L.A. Guns – Waking the Dead (2002, Spitfire Records)

Track Listing:
1.  “Don’t Look At Me That Way” … 4:00
2 . “Ok, Let’s Roll” … 3:54
3.  “Waking The Dead” … 3:23
4.  “Revolution” … 3:26
5.  “The Ballad” … 5:21
6.  “Frequency” … 4:38
7.  “Psychopathic Eyes” … 3:04
8.  “Hellraisers Ball” … 3:23
9.  “City Of Angels” … 3:39
10.  “Don’t You Cry” … 4:22

Phil Lewis – Vocals
Tracii Guns – Guitar
Adam Hamilton – Bass
Steve Riley – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Ricky Beck Mahler – Guitar (“The Ballad”, “Call Of The Wild”)

Produced by: Andy Johns

I’ve never been a huge L.A. Guns fan. I mean, they’re okay, nothing against them, but outside of picking up a used copy of Cocked & Loaded in the late 90s, I never gave anything else a try (though I’ve been tempted to get their debut every now and then).

I had heard good things about Waking the Dead though and I believe I bought it a few months after it’s release. What a great hard rock album. It’s not a nostalgic trip, but it still retains that Guns sound while still sounding like a current release. I played this album nonstop for months and still listen to it occasionally. My first extensive listen was on the run from one of the hurricanes that was hitting northwest Florida in 2002.

“OK, Let’s Roll” is easily my favorite song here and it’s based on Flight 93 from 9/11. It’s a great hard rock song with a very emotional story.

Unfortunately, this was Tracii Guns’ last album with the group before doing the Brides of Destruction thing and then eventually going on tour with his own version of L.A. Guns, that runs separately from this group. Shame too, because the lack of Tracii’s input from the next original studio album definitely hurt the quality.

Highlights: “Don’t Look at Me That Way”, “OK, Let’s Roll”, “Waking the Dead”, “Revolution”, “The Ballad”, “Hellraisers Balls”, “City of Angels”, “Don’t You Cry”

www.laguns.net (Phil Lewis’ version, AKA – “the real one”)

www.lagunslive.com (Tracii Guns’ version)


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